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For those of you interested, this is an email with all the info you need to become a member of American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD).  We accept ALL members! This is not strictly a group just for women.  If you are not interested in becoming a member please disregard this email. 

AAWD will be tabling in the 7th floor student lounge on Monday 10/16 and Wednesday 10/18. Last day to sign up for dues is 10/18 at 11:59pm. Read this quick review on what membership offers you!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Members AND non-members are still welcome to join our TUSDM Women in Leadership Dinners.

Membership info:

1. Local Dues Membership ($10) can be paid to our Treasurer Lauren Smith via cash, check or venmo (LSmith09).  ***If you wish to pay through venmo please add your name, “AAWD Local Dues”, and take the poll below!
–this membership makes you eligible for our years social, community and academic help events.
*****For all returning members who paid 4-year membership in the past please send us an email – you are exempt from paying local dues!! 

2.  National Membership of AAWD (1-year $55/ 4-year: $180) please use the link below:
–this gives eligibility for scholarships and invitations to conferences, etc.  It also looks great on your resume, cv. **If you go this route please also fill out the poll below!

3. Both Local Dues Membership ($10) AND National Membership of AAWD (1-year $55/ 4-year: $180)

After submitting membership dues (which ever one you choose) please fill out this 
Google Poll: