Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

On August 24th, Tufts Smile Squad participated the “Back to School Jam at Mission Hill”. There were approximately 7-10 student volunteers along with a faculty member of the TUSDM. They provided oral hygiene instructions to 100+ kids (K-8) at the elementary school.

Smile squad members used friendly puppets and interactive games to help engage the students’ interests. Smile Squad members participated in a back to school event at Mission Hill that attracted students of all ages and their family members. Everyone at the event was welcoming and glad to have Tufts Dental students on site interacting with the families. The D’20 students that came out to this event did a great job promoting Tufts Dental and spreading the word about our amazing clinic. Smile Squad members demonstrated brushing techniques and emphasized the importance of oral hygiene. The children practiced their flossing technique using play-doh and used the bears to show us how they brush.

Smile Squad members even had the opportunity to meet Jeffrey Sanchez a state representative of Massachusetts who was intrigued by our setup and involvement in the community. He is interested in having Smile Squad participate at more local events. He was eager to take a picture with us and hopes to see us at more events around town!

Reflected by: Simran Kaur (D20) 
Photo credit: Gabriela Flores (D20)