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ATTENTION Student Org Leaders!!

  1. The Student Activities Fair will be held on Tuesday, September 26th from 12:00-1:00pm in the Alumni Lounge and 15th Floor corridor.
    • Please email and let her know who from each student organization will be attending and representing your group at the fair.  Also, if you have not already informed her, please let her know who the 2017-2018 leadership contacts are for your organization so she can update her contact listing.
  2. Budget Proposals: The deadline to submit student organization budget proposals for funding from the Office of Student Affairs will be Friday, September 1. All proposals should be 1-2 pages in length and include the following information:

1) an overview of your organization’s mission as well as the number of student members, names of elected student leaders, and the name of your faculty advisor;

2) a schedule and description of planned events/goals for the year;

3) a detailed estimate of expenses for which you would like to receive funding;

4) a separate travel budget for any student travel (conferences, national meetings, etc.) associated with your organization

5) plans for fundraising (Please also remember to total your requested amount)

  1.  Dental Central student org page: Each page needs to be updated with new leadership and any other revisions by Friday, September 1. Please send them to with the subject line “Update DC Page” and please cc Nancy Marks (

IN ADDITION, all student organizations will be required to schedule a meeting with Karen Alexander and a representative from Dental Central in early September. This is a requirement in order to receive a school budget. The half-hour meeting will be an opportunity for student groups to discuss their budget proposals in further detail, as well as learn about school resources available to them throughout the year. Not all executive board members are required to attend, though it is recommended that at least the president, the treasurer, and your organization’s community service rep are present. It is highly encouraged for faculty advisors to also attend if possible.

Sign-ups for the student organization meetings may be found here:

Any proposals received after the September 1st deadline will be considered but only after the other allocations have been made.

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