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On May 31, 2017, an oral health screening was held at Mass Mental Health Center. They provide comprehensive services to Department of Mental Health (DMH) eligible adults and adolescents such as, psychiatry service, dialectical behavioral therapy program, etc. Toothbrushes, toothpastes, and brochures were handed out to advocate good oral health.

Arietta Rigopoulos (D19) reflects,
“I, along with 4 of my classmates, Soteji Adeuti (D19), Lillian Lwanga (D19), Meghan Kelley (D19) and Iana Elledge (D19),
volunteered at the Mass Mental Health Fair on May 31. At this event we took turns sitting at our booth and answering questions about dental concerns for those that came by.  We recommended they get an oral health screening which consisted of an oral cancer screening, dental findings and our recommendations.  Several people came by the booth and were very excited to get a screening.  It seemed as if every person that came by our booth truly cared about their dental health and wanted to improve or maintain it.  By the end of the day we convinced a few people that were “embarrassed” to get a dental screening to not only get one but potentially become our future patients.  This was a great experience working with a different population of patients that we may encounter in clinic and especially now that we are entering clinic it was great exposure to put our skills to the test. We not only practiced our practical skills but our communication skills with a minority group, those with mental illnesses, and this continuous practice will only make us better clinicians in the long run!”

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