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On April 21st , American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry (AADMD) gave an oal health presentation at Goodwill Massachusetts. Alexandra Naski (D18) reflects, “Kevin Campbell (D18) and I had a lot of fun giving an interactive oral health presentation to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities! We visited the group at Goodwill Massachusetts as a part of their “Healthy Living” themed month. We had around 30 participants show up. Everyone was very excited to have us there, and the group had a lot of questions for us on everything from “What are teeth made of?” to “What causes a cavity?”. The participants were especially interested in the models we brought that showed the progression of a cavity, and the posters showing snacks and drinks that are good vs bad for teeth. After we completed the presentation a few of the participants even chose to stay after and demonstrate their new oral hygiene knowledge on the models we brought!”

It’s great to hear how both our volunteers and participants had an amazing time filled with much enthusiasm learning about good oral health and hygiene!