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On Tuesday, March 7th Lunch & Learn session was held on supporting the successful transition from seasoned student group leaders to those up-and coming and/or newly elected leaders. It was a great time spent with exchange of ideas and suggestions among various student organization leaders.

  “When all is said and done, your ability as a leader will not be only be remembered by what you achieved personally and what your organization accomplished during your tenure. You will be also be remembered by how well your organization did after you were gone. Your lasting value will be measured by your succession.”

Check out some of the reflections made by our student leaders: 

“The leadership succession lunch was super helpful for me as a new student leader at TUSDM. It was interesting to learn more about the internal structure of a group like HDA and hear about their successes and the lessons they have learned over the years. The lunch also reaffirmed the fact that as students we have tremendous support from people like Nancy Marks and Karen Alexander who work tirelessly to make sure our organizations have all the resources that they need!” – Yannis Koroneos (D20)

“I would say that the event was a great way of leaders and potential leaders to come together and talk about what has worked and what hasn’t and I am looking forward to more events like this! (: ” – Kiki Herrero (D18)

“I thought the event was nice, it was great to hear about what has worked well for other orgs and what hasn’t. I think that maybe focusing more on a round table discussion may have been more beneficial because we didn’t really spend much time talking about succession/transition. But again, it was helpful and I like the idea of having future short, lunch time discussion with all organization leaders more frequently. I think that would be incredibly powerful and greatly impact the unity of all orgs at TUSDM rather than having several separate entities. I would love to see more collaborations in the future” – Zamone Sawyer (D19)

*Presentation and guideline from the event can be found on the Dental Central Articles/Resources Page!!


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