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An evening discussion hosted by Tufts Implant Club and Periodontics Study Club was well attended this past month by students, residents, faculty and research staff, as Dr. Richard Miron presented on Biomaterials for Bone and Periodontal Regeneration.

The diversity of attendees was a valuable testament to the many applications that osteoinduction and bone grafting have throughout dentistry. While this concept of inducing growth of new bone has been in use for years, our understanding of the biological events that occur during bone regeneration have allowed for clinical improvements in patient care. Dr. Miron spoke on several projects his lab at Nova Southeastern University has studied including: Enamel matrix derivative, bone morphogenic protein, and platelet rich fibrin.

As dentists, our profession is constantly evolving due to developments in research. Recognizing these changes and understanding how they affect patient care is important for becoming a clinician who can provide treatments which are current and reliable.

Written by: Andrew Lum (D18)