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The TUSDM Health and Wellness Club is thrilled to announce the beginning of a monthly Women’s Health Awareness Discussion Group!
It’s easy to get so caught up in the stresses of dental school that we forget how important it is to practice self love and care. It’s even easier to forget that we are not in this alone. Michelle Ostrovsky (D19) and Nada Mohamed (D19) have taken the initiative, with help from our club and Dr. Christina Pastan, to organize a discussion group for women who are seeking support, advice, and emotional relief.
The first meeting will be on Tuesday, January 31st, at 4:30PM in Room 773 of the dental school building. 

Please e-mail Gabriela Flores (D20) ( an RSVP, or confirm on the Facebook event ( so I may have an idea of how many women are attending.

The group will meet every month to discuss issues such as reproductive health, stress-management, confidence building, etc… We hope to provide a safe place for women to seek and give each other support. Research shows that the benefits of participating support groups include:
•Decreasing sense of loneliness and isolation
•Feeling more confident and less judged
•Sense of empowerment and control
•Improvement in coping skills
•Improved communication skills
•Reduced stress, depression, anxiety, and fatigue
•Developing a clearer understanding of your goals and expectations
•Getting advice from people who are going, or have been, through the same thing as you. 

Dr. Pastan will be there, and it will be an intro session. We will open the floor to what your expectations and hopes are for this discussion group. This is meant to be an informal, relaxed, and safe environment. You might laugh, you might cry, and you might even forge new friendships. We look forward to seeing you there!!