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We have some exciting news so brace yourselves!

Remember that TV in the 7th floor student lounge that never seemed to be used? Dental Central has taken over! Now you can enjoy a rotating stream of photos, announcements, recaps, research, news, sports, weather, T updates, etc… Even fun YouTube videos so you don’t miss the latest viral cat clip! Just about anything you desire to fill in your fellow classmates with the latest updates. Dental Central has created a fun, tech-savvy way to engage everyone and unite the TUSDM community!

A HUGE shout out to Pouya Namiranian (D19) for his brilliant idea and for setting up the unit!!

To share what you want to see on the big screen, please email details to

Check out what our dental students think about the addition BELOW (:

“Love the new flat screen TV. It’s nice to see Tufts is keeping up with new renovations.” – Monisha Batra (D18)

“I love how we can now see our posts on the TV!” – Jennifer Kim (D20)

“First time seeing it, it was nice being updated on news, schedule, scoail media, and the weather while I was having my coffee early in the morning :)” – Tuvy Pham (D18)

“It’s a nice high tech addition to the student lounge and brightens the room.” – Lawrence Wong (D18)

“It makes it easy to keep up with what’s happening around the school” – Rachelle Cadet (D20)


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