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A note from Dr. Charles Rankin, Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) faculty advisor:

Good morning,

I just wanted to give all an update on this year’s Drive for the Troops. We collected enough to send out nine good sized packages to some of our troops serving in the Middle East. During the past week, I received Thank You notes from a couple of military dental clinics in Kuwait and Qatar. I’ve attached the pictures that they attached with the notes. To quote their e-mails  “It is very thoughtful of you and the HPSP students to think of us during the holidays.” “We truly appreciate the time you and your HPSP students took to put together and send those care packages.  The contents were outstanding!  We can honestly say those were two of the best care packages we’ve received during our entire deployment.”

I’m sure I’ll receive e-mails and photos from the others as we head into the holidays,

I thank each and every one of you who took the time to donate an item or cash to support and encourage those young women and men serving overseas at this time of the year. Being overseas as a young Air Force dental assistant myself, I know that during the quiet times, my thoughts would go to home and family. It’s kind of nice to be remembered. Thank you for remembering them.

I wish you all the best holiday season and look forward to being with you for another year.

Dr. Rankin