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Student National Dental Association (SNDA) held their annual Impressions Day Program on November 20th! It was a full day of exposure to the field of dentistry from 9AM-4PM at TUSDM. The program invited high school and college students who were considering a career in dentistry or were simply interested in learning more about it.

Gary Kersey (D20) reflects…..

Tufts SNDA was able to host 140 pre-dental students and give them an opportunity to explore a career in dentistry here on campus. Mock interviews, resume help, Kaplan DAT prep, and impressions in Pre-Clin were a few of the activities conducted. Overall, it was a great event — it is an amazing feeling to climb AND reach back!

Looking forward to many more Impressions Day to come, in high hopes of continuing to inspire and mentor students who will shape the future of dentistry.