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14525086_10208876808331979_8748301757897710268_oFor the fourth year in a row, Tufts One Health Day will be a way for students from various health professions to gather together and learn how their respective disciplines connect to each other. The theme for this year of “Interspecies Relationships” focuses on how animals and humans benefit (or hinder) each other. Join us on November 5!
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General admission (non-student): $15
Student: $10
Tufts Vet One Health Committee Member: $5


Contact Co-Organizers Alyssa McDonagh and Gretchen McLinden  or dental student organizers Arietta Rigopoulos and Anne-Marie Vu.

Event highlights:
Breakfast and lunch
Tours of the campus and hospital
Post-event cocktail hour and reception

Some of our keynote speakers:
Megan Talbert, Executive Director of Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers Primate Partners: Exploring the Responsibilities and Benefits of Service Monkeys for Adults Living with Disabilities

Dr. Steven D. Spitz, DMD Volunteer with the Peter Emily International Veterinary Dental Foundation and owner of Smileboston Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

Dr. Barry S. Levy, M.D., M.P.H, Professor of Public Health at Tufts University School of Medicine The Role of Climate Change in Human Health and Human Conflict

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