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    1. 129158999037795335.392. Jumbo Cash at Food for Thought on the Sackler Library 4th floor for student discounts.
    2. Learn to love Boston Kitchen Pizza salads — they are nourishing, cheap, and don’t make you crash (same goes for the delicious hearty Pho at Pho Pasteur)!
    3. Have Irashai on speed dial! Lunch specials are all day as long as you have cash + they deliver for those late night library sessions.Messages Image(1684895981)
    4. There is an ice cream vending machine in the emergency room of the hospital for late night study snacks.

  1. Soup’s On (Roberta, Dental school 7th floor) has 50% discount on coffee on Wednesdays. Dunkin Donuts gives free coffee if the Patriots win if you use the DD app. Dunkin-Donuts-Pats-Promotion
  2. There’s a computer room on 7th floor next to room 738 that many don’t know about.
  3. Your TUSDM Student ID gets you access to a multitude of libraries via the Boston Library Consortium. Click HERE for the list.
  4. Exercise, proper nutrition, and sleep. Stay well-rounded and physically & mentally sharp and healthy – Tufts has a great gym and there are frequent yoga sessions with Dr. Pastan and her team, all free too! See Dr. Pastan’s Yoga in the Commons video HEREScreen Shot 2016-07-31 at 6.40.07 PM
  5. Study everyday, avoid cramming. You will be more prepared, less stressed, and it will be easier to learn the huge amount of material!
  6. There’s always a couch somewhere in the library where you can take a nap. Don’t be shy! 20 minutes power naps do the mind and body good. IMG_4627
  7. If you have a 6th floor locker, be efficient with your space – have an upperclassman help you organize your wax up and Operative materials, you can make it work!
  8. Take advantage of the seminars and breakout sessions in Merritt and throughout TUSDM. They are incredibly informative and insightful plus there is almost always free food (lunch, dinner, snacks, etc.). Leftovers magically appear every so often in the student lounge… Messages Image(3189150802)
  9. Utilize the vast number of resources around you (mentors/advisors, VIPs, professors & teaching assistants, etc.) and work with your classmates. It will pay off dividends in Gross Anatomy, Operative, Medicine, and all of your other courses.
  10. Be proactive and don’t be shy to ask for help. Dr. Thompson can lead you towards the right tutors, but do not wait until the last minute!
  11. The school elevators only go to the 1st floor after 11PM, and the hospital entrance closes at 8PM (for both the front entrance and ER). In general, when there is heavy elevator traffic, go the opposite way everyone else is going in the elevator (i.e. during lunch)…you will get there faster even if it means going down when you need to go up (but if you can, always take the stairs).
  12. Get to know Dean Kasberg (and the Office of Student Affairs). He loves his students and is easy to talk to.
  13. Enjoy the city of Boston and the vast amount of activities it has to offer. Doing well in school is important to us all but taking a break to better yourself is equally if not more important.
  14. Make use of Dental Central! Connect your class and all the great things you do to the TUSDM community. oitnb_ps3_013_h
  15. Smile, you’re a JUMBO! TuftsAthleticsLogo_185pxSFW
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