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On 6/11, Tufts Dental LGBTQA started off the day with a pre-Parade brunch then, together with Tufts Medical Center and the Tufts Biomedical Queer Alliance (BQA), marched in the 2016 Boston Pride Parade in the spirit of support and celebration of the LGBTQA community here at Tufts. This event marked the first time that Tufts Medical Center has marched in the Pride Parade and signified a historic moment for the Tufts Medical and Dental communities. Tufts Dental LGBTQA President Carly Martin (D18) shares with us about this powerful day:

“Pride Parade is about being surrounded by a strong and supportive LGBTQA community and can be one of the most important ways of empowering a queer student to reach their full potential. It was great to work alongside the other medical students, nutrition students, graduate researchers and others from the different parts of the Boston campus. It allowed us to meet new people, network and build community across the schools. It is crucial for our community to maintain these connections with one another, both within the school and with the community at large. The day was filled with positivity, love and joy that you could feel, and see, all around. Marching in the parade not only allowed us to celebrate our community, but to also be proud of ourselves as individuals, as dental professionals, and as a community that continues to thrive. It brought visibility to the work being done at TUSDM to remain a welcoming and supportive environment for LGTBQA patients, students, faculty and staff.

As we reflect on why Pride is so vital and powerful for our community, Tufts Dental LGBTQA sends thoughts of love, healing and resiliency to all those affected in Orlando’s LGBTQA community, especially the LGBTQA Latinx community, and those around them.”

For more information on Tufts Dental LGBTQA or to get involved, please contact Carly.