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Amy Khemka (D18), Kiki Herrero (D18), Oliver Giron (D18), Kaitlin Martin (D17) at Family Fun Event

Tufts AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) participated in Healthy Family Fun Night at Josiah Quincy School. Oli Giron (D18), AAPD Community Outreach Director, tells us more about his experience at the fair and what he learned about oral health promotion!

“This year was the first time that AAPD members volunteered at Family Fun Event at Josiah Quincy. I learned that it is much better to do outreach events at health fairs like this, which have an overall positive environment with music and physical activities and games. It really ingrains in the children a positive association between maintaining healthy habits and having fun while doing it. The children love Jumbo Jeopardy, especially if given the incentive of winning a prize. This engages their interest to learn more. Also, make sure to involve the parents in the games too – sometimes they learn a thing or two! Participating in this event allowed me to engage with children and their parents, in hopes of encouraging oral health as an entire family practice. The more involved and motivated the parents are, the more they will be attentive to their child’s oral health. It would be useful to remind those interested in pediatrics that the education of the parents should be focused on just as much as the children, even though the educational tools are geared towards the youth. The volunteers should have an all inclusive approach and awareness of the parents health literacy as well while doing these child focused outreach events.”