Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

The D19 Community Service committees have been hard at work developing several different oral health outreach programs designed for different communities! On 04/08/16, the Geriatrics Committee visited the Center Communities of Brookline. D19s Kareema Roushdy, Tabitha Lewis, and Soteji Adeuti educated the residents on oral health through an interactive Jeopardy game, active dialogue on oral health preventive methods, proper toothbrushing demonstration, and gifts like toothpaste, toothbrushes, brochures, and other hygienic aids designed for the geriatric community. The goal was for the seniors to take away something new from this event, and from the feedback that the D19s received afterward, it seems that residents learned a lot of information that afternoon!

See what volunteers Kareema and Tabitha had to say about their experiences:

Kareema Roushdy – “I’ve learned that it is very important to have a plan. Without a plan, the event would have been a disaster. I also think that the student’s attitude and positive energy contributes largely to what makes an event successful. It was wonderful working with Soteji and Tabitha because they both have such great enthusiasm. It was also nice to have Soteji with us because she was previously a dental hygienist and she was able to answer the more difficult questions about oral hygiene. Enthusiasm and excitement was key for this event. It helped the seniors enjoy the event and made them excited to participate as well.”

Tabitha Lewis – “This experience cultivated my growth as a future healthcare professional. The senior commmunity at this assisted living place knew more than we expected. We decided once we saw how knowledgeable they were to tailor the session to their needs. The older adults were engaged and trusted the information we presented. I realize the privilege I hold and responsibility I have to share current and truthful information to those in the community as an ambassador for oral health.”