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The Delta Sigma Delta dental fraternity holds an annual regional meeting to network and share ideas between the chapters of each region. This year, the meeting was hosted on January 22nd-23rd by the Mu chapter here at Tufts. Our members worked hard to organize a weekend full of fun social events, guest speakers, and poster presentations. The chapters of the Eastern region that were in attendance were Omicron Omicron of the Virginia Commonwealth University, Alpha Beta of University of South Carolina, and Upsilon Upsilon of University of North Carolina.

The weekend was kicked off on Friday evening with a Meet and Greet event at Scholars Cocktail Lounge. On Saturday, the meeting was started off with a breakfast and a lecture on Adhesive and Bioactive Dentistry by our very own Dr. Gerard Kugel, also a Delta Sigma Delta member. The lecture was followed by a presentation by Christina Horton from VCU about her research on providing dental care to special needs patients, as well as Khusbu Patel, D’16 at Tufts, on her perinatal project to help inform expectant and new mothers on oral health care needs for their babies.

After lunch, all the Delts gathered in the Alumni lounge to share what each chapter has been doing for the past year, such as philanthropic and social events. The meeting was a great way to share ideas on how we can improve our chapters, as well as collaborate between chapters on future fundraising efforts.   

With the business part of the meeting out of the way, the rest of the evening was for socializing with our fraternity brothers. We had a cocktail hour held in a beautiful lounge at the Archstone, followed by a delicious dinner at Papagayo. Later in the evening, Delts headed over to Whiskey Saigon. All in all, it was a successful and productive weekend, and we hope that the visiting Delts had an enjoyable time in Boston!

-Joanna Wang (D18)

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