Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

Hope you all checked out the great work of the Global Connections team: Stephie Castera (D16), Elizabeth Betances (D18), and Krysten Herrero (D18)! Thanks for their great work on the DC bulletin board!
Want your group or class to sign up for a month for the 7th floor DC bulletin board? See what months are open below!  Questions: Email Nancy Marks or Aekta Patel! IMG_0303 

January:          D19 Class
February:        AADMD (American Assoc. of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry)
March:             AAWD (American Association of Women in Dentistry)
April:                D18 Class
May:                Open
June:              Open

July:                Open
August:          Open

September:     Public Health and Dental Central


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