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Last week, SNDA promoted oral health at the Whole Heart Club Health Conference in Mattapan. The overall goal of the conference was to educate and inform the surrounding community of heart health and wellness initiatives. While there, the SNDA members hosted a table and played oral health jeopardy with the community; allowing the game to diverge into deeper conversations about proper oral care and how they could book appointments at the dental school.  Event organizer Mikenah Vega (D18) reflected on the event:

  “Part of SNDA’s mission is to provide oral health services and education to minority populations due to the disparities in oral health seen across the country. The burrow of Mattapan in Boston is a predominately underserved black community that is great need of oral health initiatives. The Jubilee Christian Church is a major resource to the community and we were able to connect with and educate many people throughout the day. The partnerships we made with other organizations will allow us to better serve this population through being invited to more events. I have learned that serving this community is very important to me and to do that better I should improve my communication skills and learn how to give presentations alongside the individual conversations when we host tables.”
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