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“Having the opportunity to attend the 75th Albert Schwietzer leadership conference was such a privilege. I was surrounded by so many of today’s best and brightest health care professionals. I was struck by the passion, the determination and the drive that each of the presenters had. I am coming away from this conference with a refreshed idea of the kind of dental care provider I want to be, and more informed about the areas in health care that are in need of attention by all health care professionals today.

            The break out session that left the biggest impact on me was the presentation given by Dr. Abdulwaheed, DMD and alumni of TUSDM, which was titled: Adventures of a Healthcare Provider, from Dentist to Activist. Dr. Abdulwaheed is truly an inspiring and remarkable dentist and his passion for his patients is unwavering. He discussed the importance of being a part of your community—which is not limited to providing dental care. It includes going out and tabling at different community events, supporting local businesses, actually talking to the community to understand what their wants and needs are. In order to provide the highest quality of care, you must always keep in mind these 3 things: love your patients, protect your patients, and trust your instinct—do what you know and think is right. You must be able to understand the needs of your community, but also get to know who you are working with—their culture, values and beliefs. These key points that were discussed reminded me of how crucial it is remember the human side of dentistry; we are not just treating the oral cavity—we are providing care to a whole person.”

-Jacqueline Liu (D19)

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