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3Almost 200 students and organizational leaders responded to Dental Central’s surveys! We’d like to thank all of you for your participation!
Here’s what you said:
  • Leaders said they are not posting to Dental Central because they do not have a specified person who can update the page. Group members also prefer email or Facebook over Dental Central.
  • Many students thought that information needs to be updated more often, or that student leaders need to use Dental Central more to post all their events up. Some suggested that all sign-ups for events be through Dental Central. Students also suggested there be “an easier way to find out how to join the organizations that are having the events.”
  • Many people said they would like navigation to be easier. Students also suggested having a mobile app that could sync with the calendar.
  • Many students suggested that we keep weekly emails, but include more information regarding an email and send the emails out earlier so students get a chance to sign up.
Here’s the way we are growing and improving:
  • We will be training leaders of each organization on how they can post their own events on DC in order to help their organization members to sign up for events in an efficient and timely manner.
  • We request all organization leaders to update their list of E-board members so students know who they can contact/
  • We are working on getting a DC mobile app and DC Facebook page up for the next school year.
  • We will also look for ways to improve weekly emails sent out by Nancy Marks.
Through these changes, we hope to optimize Dental Central to your needs!
Also, congrats to the winners for the survey participant raffle draw!”
1)      Leader Survey: Khushbu Patel (D16)
2)      Student Survey: Tommy Bond (D17)
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