Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

Healthy Bodies Healthy Teeth team members Mia Harlan (D16), Amelia Albright (D16), Sibel Arditi (D16), Nick Stefanski (D16), Lauren Vargas (D17), and Tracy Tchintchin (D18) went to the YMCA for three sessions over three consecutive weeks with a group of students aged 8-12.  Week one they started a game of dental jeopardy with questions regarding healthy habits, healthy foods and how decay forms.  Week two they finished the jeopardy game and then played dental jenga.  When a jenga piece was taken out of the tower, it had a dental related question typed onto it and the student read and answered the question.  Week three was the art project session.  After a short review on healthy foods and understanding why and when to brush, the students drew pictures of either healthy or unhealthy foods.  They presented their pictures to the rest of the group and each student left with an art kit to use at home.

Check out some quotes from the Healthy Bodies Healthy Teeth team members Lauren and Tracy, who worked with the younger ager group, below!

“In three sessions, we have managed to provide a great amount of information about oral health and healthy eating to this young group of kids.  Interacting with the youth helps us learn of the messages they are receiving from the media and other sources, and gives us the chance to correct any misinformation.  They were eager to learn and very attentive.  The 5-9 year olds have expressed that they’ve enjoyed the sessions filled with storybooks, games, and art projects, and would love to have us back.  It was a deeply rewarding experience. “ – Tracy Tchintchin (D18)
“Being so busy in dental school I forget how important it is to educate the youth on the importance of oral health. It was very fulfilling to be able to teach children the benefits of good oral hygiene and healthy eating. Important lessons that were taught through playful activities.   I truly believe the lessons they learn today will be information they will hopefully use for the rest of their lives.”– Lauren Vargas (D17)
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