Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

photoAs part of the Oral Health Promotion class taken by the 1st year dental students each spring, students must complete ten hours of community service and public health outreach. At the end of the semester, Professor Kathy Dolan asks the students to look back on their service in a one page reflection.  Dental Central is pleased to showcase some of Professor Dolan's favorites from the D17 class both as a resource for the D18 class and for your own viewing pleasure! Below are some selected quotes. Click the student's name to read the full text.

"I too plan to become highly involved in our university. I know then there will be countless opportunities to learn, achieve, and grow an understanding of what it takes to be the ultimate practitioner who can positively affect their community and truly enhance public oral health. " – Jordan Shapiro

"It was beyond rewarding to spend time at the clinic and also heartwarming to know that these children are being reached in a way that makes their early dental experiences positive and life changing." –  Meagan Bossie

"A Reflection on Time Spent Promoting Oral Health within the Community, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Dental School"  –  Erik Skates

"After doing this small volunteer activity it brought it back into perspective. It has truly refreshed my drive and enthusiasm to become a dentist, solidifying that all the hard work will pay off and ultimately before I know it, I will be able to advocate oral health and help patients daily." –  Taylor Parent

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