Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

Over 30 student leaders from twenty student groups chowed down nine cheese pizzas (and some left over sweets from the meeting before!) while enjoying each other’s company and discussing a range of topics.  The meeting began with show and tell by four members of the Creatives’ Team: Khusbu Patel (D16), Prahbdeep Singh (IS16),  Poorna Phaltankar (D17), and Mansi Jailwala (D17).  The Team was charged with creating new activities and ways to present oral health prevention education. Living up to their group’s name, they showed off a Jenga game boasting dental questions, a beautiful Jeopardy board to use at health fairs, and a dress up activity for ‘littles’ that introduces them to flossing.  All materials will be housed on the 15th floor and can be signed out by groups before events. If you want to help create materials, please email Nancy Marks (Public Health).
Next up were current Dental Central gurus– Mandy Alamwala (D16) and Justin Maillet (D17)—who asked the group to highlight the strengths of DC, as well as how access to the site and its content could be improved. They also shared the site’s Google analytics. The larger group offered suggestions, including creating an app for Dental Central. If you missed the meeting, any questions about DC can be emailed to Dental Central.
Finally, Nancy and Carrie Garinger (Student Affairs) asked the group for volunteers to join them in a roundtable brainstorming session about leadership succession for student organization leaders. Many groups currently elect leaders either in late April or in Sept. which can make it difficult for groups to maintain their equilibrium.  Anyone interested in taking part in this initial discussion should email Carrie. Ideas that come out of this group will then be shared with the larger student body.


Four Raffle Winners at DC Meeting!

Smile Squad was awarded a surprise $50 gift certificate for being the group that most posted to Dental Central!

AAPHD was randomly chosen and also won a $50 group gift certificate for using DC to advertise their events.

Finally, for sending in their groups’ post-event documentation forms, Courtney Robinson Schick (D16) and Monica Moitoso (D17) each won $10 gift cards to Dunkin’D’s.

New raffle winners in the spring… So keep on Posting and Documenting!!!

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