Hispanic Dental Association (HDA)

Welcome to our page! This is the Tufts chapter of the National Hispanic Dental Association. We were founded in 1994 and Dr. Correa is currently our faculty advisor.

About us:

  • We have the same mission as the National Hispanic Dental Association:
  • Promote the oral health of the Hispanic community through improved prevention, treatment, and education
  • Provide a voice for the Hispanic oral health professional in the United States
  • Foster research and knowledge concerning Hispanic oral health problems
  • Disseminate information to both Hispanic dental professionals and the community-at-large
  • Provide a worldwide source of continuing education for oral health professionals serving the Hispanic community
  • Stimulate interest and encourage entry of Hispanics into oral health careers

Our Officers:

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Leopoldo Correa

President: Sandy Perez (D19)

Vice President: Nicolette Angioli (D19)

President Elect: Janelle Diaz (D20)

Secretary: Gabriella Basha (D19)

Treasurer: Orestes Riera (D21)

Historian/ Website Coordinator: Ruby Wagimin (D20)

Admissions Rep: Vanessa Diaz (D21)

Community Service Reps: Daniela Rendon (D21) & Gabriela Sangiovanni (D21)


Some of our recent community service events included:

East Boston Health Fair

Chestnut Park Assisted Living Center: Oral Health Education

Participation in MHDA oral health fairs in Boston areas

Colgate Mobile VAN “Bright Smiles/Bright Future,” Boston MA

Global Service Learning Trip to Dominican Republic

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Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health.