Head and Neck Cancer Organization (HANCO)

Mission Statement: “The Head & Neck Cancer Organization at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine aims to better educate students and members of the community on how to recognize the signs and symptoms of head and neck cancer through various educational and community service opportunities.”

Faculty Advisors:
Dr. Mark Lerman (mark.lerman@tufts.edu)
Dr. Kanchan Ganda (kanchan.ganda@tufts.edu)
Dr. Tanya Wright (tanya.wright@tufts.edu)

Executive Board (2017-2018):

President Aekta Patel, D18 (aekta.patel@tufts.edu)
Vice President Dora Piedra, D19 (dora.piedra@tufts.edu)
Treasurer Ervin Pejo, D20 (ervin.pejo@tufts.edu)
Secretary Megan Milder, D18 (megan.milder@tufts.edu)
Fundraising Chairs Meghan Powers, D18 (Meghan.powers@tufts.edu)

Loretta Anekwe, D18 (Loretta.anekwe@tufts.edu)

Community Service Chairs Daria Ameri, D19 (daria.ameri@tufts.edu)

Brent Mullen, D20 (brent.mullen@tufts.edu)

Lunch & Learn Director Steven Tucker, D19 (steven.tucker@tufts.edu)

Soroush Samimi, D19 (soroush.samimi@tufts.edu)

Learning and Development Coordinator David Krass, D18 (david.krass@tufts.edu)
Social Chair Finn Evans, D20  (finn.evans@tufts.edu)
D20 Representative Dora Piedra, D20 (dora.piedra@tufts.edu)

External Links: HANCO Facebook Group


Dr. Tanya Wright giving a lecture on how to perform a head and neck exam



Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health.