TUSDM at the ADEA Annual Session

This year's ADEA annual session is currently underway in Boston! Whether it's for presenting research, attending some seminars, are just swinging by to see what's new, TUSDM dental students have been out in full force at the session this weekend. See what Dean Thomas had to say about the event:

"TUSDM is always proud to be involved with ADEA. This year, we have 22 posters, 1 TechExpo and 11 educational sessions being presented by TUSDM faculty and students. Demonstrating the impressive range of research being conducted by our faculty and students is always a highlight of the conference. Of the student posters, Tufts has the largest representation from any school. "

The ADEA Annual Session will be ending on Tuesday, so you still have a chance to visit this week!

Jason Safer, D16, Hannah Gilman, D16, and Michelle Ta, D17 will all be honored for receiving ADEA Preventive Dentistry Scholarships, for their demonstration of academic excellence in preventive dentistry. 
Thank you to Pooyan Refahi (D15), Shawheen Saffari (D16), Kathleen Molgaard (D17), and Tuvy Phan (D18) who are serving as our Tufts Representatives.

Bates Day Award Winners


Dental Central would like to congratulate all the winners from this year's Bates Day! 

1.       Best Postgraduate Poster Presentation:
Dr. Sage Yoo (Pediatric Dentistry) “The Influence of Community Service Learning Externship (CSLE) on Pre-doctoral Dental Students’ Future Management of Pediatric Patients
2. Best Scientific Research Presentation by a Senior :
Elizabeth Bingham “Dab2-E-cadherin Duo: A New Role in Squamous Cell Carcinoma Development”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Addy Alt-Holland
3. ADA/Dentsply Student Clinician Award for Best Overall Predoctoral Table Clinic:
Jason Berglund “Manipulating Intracellular Pressure in Invading Oral Cancer Cells”
4. Second Place Award for Predoctoral Table Clinic:
Maryam Mahdavi “Oral Health Status/Outcomes Assessment of Oral Health Program in Zambia”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. John Morgan
5. Third Place Award for Predoctoral Table Clinic:
Ronney Tay “Generation of Three-Dimensional Bioengineered Tissue Constructs of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Addy Alt-Holland
6. Research Committee Award for Basic Science Research:
Grace Creech “Regulation of Chondrogenesis and Osteogenesis by miRNA-342-3p Transduction in Mice”
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Xiaoying Wang and Jake Chen
7. Massachusetts Dental Society and ASDA Public Health Award:
Justin Maillet “Assessment of Dental Students’ Knowledge, Attitude, and Perception of HIV/HBV/HCV””
Faculty Mentors: Dr. John Morgan and Dr. Wanda Wright
8. Omicron Kappa Upsilon (OKU) Hilde Tillman Award:
Haomaio Wang “Validation of Evidence-based Dentistry and Critical Thinking Application Assessment Tool”
Bianca Velayo “Evaluation of the Promotion of Critical Thinking and Integration of Evidence-Based Dentistry in the Pre-doctoral Clinical Courses
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tofool Alghanem
9. Dr. Chad Anderson Family Award for Innovative Methodology and Research Design:
Jessie Reisig “Direct Pairwise Comparison of Initial Hydrophilicity of Unset Impression Materials”
Faculty Mentors: Drs. Ronald Perry and Gerard Kugel
10. Dr. Aikaterini Papathanasiou Award for Promotion of Esthetic Dentistry:
Kunal Dani “Comparison of Two Different Delivery Techniques for the Placement of Bulk Fill Composites”
Faculty Mentors: Drs. Steven Eisen and Gerard Kugel
11. Scientific Merit Award for First-Time Presenters:
Kathryn Weber “Optimization of Snai1 siRNA Transfection in Murine Bone Marrow Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells”
12. Oral Health Disparities Award
Christina Piacquadio “Speech Pathology and Oral Health of Individuals with Developmental/Acquired Disabilities”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. John Morgan
13. Bates Student Research Group “Peer-reviewed” Award:
Mary Sayegh “Caries Risk Correlates Among Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. John Morgan
14. ADEA Student Group Educational Research Award:
Ignacio De La Cruz “Human Papillomavirus and Oropharyngeal Cancer: Dental Students’ Knowledge and Attitudes”
Faculty Mentors: Drs. Wanda Wright and John Morgan

Event Spotlight: D17s at Cradles to Crayons

This past weekend, the D17s headed out to Cradles to Crayons in Brighton to volunteer. Community Service Chair Mike Arrigo led a group that included Justin Maillet, Aquilla Sprewell, Alexis Irby, Monica Moitoso, Jetoria Irving, Katerina Dalavurek, Leila Ansaashari, Taylor Parent, Bailey Klein, Diana Brigham, Shreshtha Ramanlal, Jimmy Leroy, Patrick Hoy, and Ella Moukwa. Together the D17s were able to sort and clean toys for over 200 kids in need in the Bosta area! Check out some pictures from their service in the gallery.

Students Head into Chinatown to Do an OH Presentation

On Friday, Andy Tran (D16), Charles Pham (D16) and Min Chao (D15) headed over to the Greater Boston Chinese Golden Age Center (GBCGAC) to conduct a trilingual (Mandarin, Cantonese and English) oral health presentation. The students used the Jeopardy game created by Janna Laverdiere (D17) and Marissa Schwartz (D17) and fielded general questions. While acknowledging that doing a presentation in several languages can be complex, the students felt good about being able to provide an important service. Following the presentation,  Nancy Marks, Community Service Learning coordinator received a thank you email from GBCGAC Activity Director, Juan Chen who shared,"The elderly in the center loved the three students from Tufts dental. The students were very patient, friendly and very punctual. They answered lots of questions from the elderly including denture, cleaning, pain, root canals etc. The whole lecture was relaxing and interesting, the students brought some laughter to the center as well."  Great work Andy, Charles and Min!

Student Leaders: Required Documentation Forms are Due!

Student Leaders: Whether or not you posted an event on Dental Central, we need to document your outreach and community engagement efforts! Please submit a form for each event between Jan 1- March 1. This helps to ensure that student groups receive support and funding for their public health, civic engagement and community service activities. Contact Nancy Marks with any questions!


New Jeopardy Board Available!

IMG_0301Thanks to the hard work of Janna Laverdiere (D17) and Marissa Schwartz (D17), the office of Public Health and Community Service has a fantastic new oral-health themed Jeopardy Board for presentations to senior citizens! If you are interested in using the board for an event, please contact Nancy Marks at Nancy.Marks@tufts.edu.

Great Volunteer Opp for a group of Students!

impressMembers of the Weston Emergency Reserve Corps have reached out to TUSDM in need of dental students! They are looking for a student organization or severel students to help take impressions for their Childhood Identification Program (CHIPS). The event will take place May 2nd, 2015 in Weston, MA. It would be great if a TUSDM student group could coordinate these efforts! If interested, please contact Nancy Marks at Nancy.Marks@tufts.edu.


Tisch College Funding Available for Student Activities Which Address Issues of Race and Discrimination

TischRecent events in Ferguson, Staten Island, and around the country have inspired a renewed wave of student activism aimed at addressing issues of race and discrimination. Recognizing the need for seed funding and advising to support this important work, Tisch College will make a number of mini-grants, through the Tisch Fund for Civic Engagement, to students and student groups working to have an impact on these issues.
The application and criteria for funding are the same as for the general Tisch Fund for Civic Engagement and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
Applications are live at their website: http://activecitizen.tufts.edu/tischfund/.

Do #Blacklivesmatter? : A Dialogue on Blacktivism, Racial Justice, and the Value of Black Lives

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 from 7pm-9pm  
Tufts University: Cabot Hall’s ASEAN Auditorium
Panel conversation on topics including the impact of “Blacktivism”, Black experience in the U.S., the criminal justice system, and the role media plays in the #blacklivesmatter movement.
·         Pete Haviland-Eduah, National Policy Director from Million Hoodies Movement for Justice
·         DeRay Mckesson, hashtag activist, Ferguson protest organizer, and co-founder of wetheprotesters.org
·         Keith Maddox, Associate Professor of Psychology, Tufts University
·         Tricia Rose, Director of the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America and Professor of African               American Cultural Politics and Gender Studies, Brown University


Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health.