Volunteers Needed!: Chinatown National Night Out

chinatown-1-960x600Dental Central is looking for students to volunteer on Tuesday, August 4 from 3pm-6pm. (rain or shine!) for Chinatown National Night Out. Located at Tai Tung Village, or right next to Posner Hall, the event will host our Chinatown neighbors – usually 500-700 guests.
There will be various community groups who will also have tables at the event. Past groups have included:  the Wang YMCA, Boston Police, Tufts Medical Center, and Boston Asian YES.  There will be free food and entertainment as well.
For more information or to volunteer, email Nancy Marks at nancy.marks@tufts.edu

Community Water Fluoridation Training Program

Last week, Jordan Shapiro (D17) and Mandy Alamwala (D16), on behalf of Tufts ASDA, and Kathy Dolan welcomed the BOHMAC (Better Oral Health Massachusetts Coalition) for a Community Water Fluoridation Training Program.

The speakers at the event included expert trainers:

  • Matt Jacobs, Children’s Dental Health Project, Washington DC
  • Peter Mitchell, Salter Mitchell, Alexandria, VA
  • Jodie Silverman, Health Resources in Action, Boston, MA
  • Dr. John Fisher, Mass Dental Society, Salem, MA

Attendees learnt how to sort through the claims and counter-claims around community water fluoridation; how to communicate science and community objectives in today’s media environment; and how to locate and utilize credible resources to explain what the evidence shows about community water fluoridation.

Check out some pictures from the event below.

HDA at the East Boston Health Fair

Earlier this month, the HDA headed out to the Most Holy Redeemer Church in East Boston to promote oral health education and perform basic screenings and oral hygiene instructions. Event organizer Courtney Schick (D16) had this to say about the event:

“It was nice to present in East Boston in Spanish. I believe this language connection made a more effective delivery of our important information. I would like to improve our screening documents so that we are gathering data that can be used in a meaningful way.
It is extra effort to put health fairs together, but reaching community members with oral education makes the effort worth it. Additionally, setting up an opportunity for classmates/students to interact and educate community members outside of the walls of Tufts adds even more justification for putting the event together.”

You can check out some pictures from the event in the gallery above!

TAHSS Program Looking for Volunteers

IMG_8100The Teachers and High School Students (TAHSS) Program would like to invite all students, of all organizations to join them in an amazing educational and mentor opportunity. Any members of D’16, D’17, and D’18 class that are interested and available July 6 – July 31st 2015 that would like to join the TAHSS team; please email Ingrid Romero (D17) at Ingrid.romero@tufts.edu expressing your interest. They are seeking volunteers for the pre-clinical workshops and mentors for the UG clinic.

For more info on the program, click here!

Healthy Teeth Healthy Bodies Kids Gallery

This week we our proud to showcase some of the artwork made by the Healthy Teeth Healthy Bodies kids! Thanks to Khusbu Patel (D16) for sending in all of their great work. Check out the previous front page article to see what Healthy Teeth Healthy Bodies have been up to the past month.

Healthy Bodies Healthy Teeth at the Chinatown YMCA

Healthy Bodies Healthy Teeth team members Mia Harlan (D16), Amelia Albright (D16), Sibel Arditi (D16), Nick Stefanski (D16), Lauren Vargas (D17), and Tracy Tchintchin (D18) went to the YMCA for three sessions over three consecutive weeks with a group of students aged 8-12.  Week one they started a game of dental jeopardy with questions regarding healthy habits, healthy foods and how decay forms.  Week two they finished the jeopardy game and then played dental jenga.  When a jenga piece was taken out of the tower, it had a dental related question typed onto it and the student read and answered the question.  Week three was the art project session.  After a short review on healthy foods and understanding why and when to brush, the students drew pictures of either healthy or unhealthy foods.  They presented their pictures to the rest of the group and each student left with an art kit to use at home.

Check out some quotes from the Healthy Bodies Healthy Teeth team members Lauren and Tracy, who worked with the younger ager group, below!

“In three sessions, we have managed to provide a great amount of information about oral health and healthy eating to this young group of kids.  Interacting with the youth helps us learn of the messages they are receiving from the media and other sources, and gives us the chance to correct any misinformation.  They were eager to learn and very attentive.  The 5-9 year olds have expressed that they’ve enjoyed the sessions filled with storybooks, games, and art projects, and would love to have us back.  It was a deeply rewarding experience. “ – Tracy Tchintchin (D18)
“Being so busy in dental school I forget how important it is to educate the youth on the importance of oral health. It was very fulfilling to be able to teach children the benefits of good oral hygiene and healthy eating. Important lessons that were taught through playful activities.   I truly believe the lessons they learn today will be information they will hopefully use for the rest of their lives.”– Lauren Vargas (D17)

HDA Visits the Hennigan Elementary School

On June 8th, 12 members of the Hispanic Dental Association (HDA) visited Hennigan Elementary School in Jamaica Plain to teach oral hygiene to 100 students from ages 3-7 years old. Organizer Lauren Vargas (D17) had this to say:

“This event was a huge success! The children were incredibly fun and grateful to have us, as well as their parents. While we were leaving we overheard a child say they wanted to be a dentist when they grow up. Each child was given a toothbrush and toothpaste. The Program Coordinator of the school was very thankful since the students brush their teeth everyday after lunch.  The Hispanic Dental Association is trying to implement visiting more local elementary schools in under-served areas as one of their community outreach programs.”

Lauren was joined by Vance Harper (D17), Ingrid Romero (D17), Lauren Gerkowickz (D18), Sara Gil (D17), Tian Yuan (D17), Sara Golkari (D17), Diane Asmar (D17), Shivani Patel (D17), Yamila Garber (D16), Catalina Cardona (D16), and Avanthi Tiruvadi (D16). Great job HDA!

Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health.