St. Francis House Clothing Drive Hosted by Tufts Chinatown Campuses

10254Between May 11th and May 26th, Tufts Chinatown Campuses will be hosting a clothing drive for the St. Francis House. St. Francis House is the largest day shelter in New England, serving more than 800 poor or homeless men and women every day.

Collection boxes will be located throughout the Sackler building and Posner Lobby. For full details on where to find collection boxes and what to donate, check out the flyer here!

Healthy Teeth/Healthy Body Keeps Going Strong!

The first Healthy Teeth/ Healthy Body pilot initiative at Josiah Quincy School was completed last Friday, May 1st and it was a success! Over the course of three weeks, D16 student leaders, Anjalee Shah, Olga Raptis, Khusbu Patel, and Will Chao, working with project advisors, Nancy Marks and Kathryn Dolan, developed and carried out lessons plans about tooth decay and proper nutrition to a classroom of kindergarten students.
Reinforcing the learning material from the previous sessions, at the beginning of the last session, Nancy and Will held a fun Q&A session in which they had the students pick out individual questions from a bowl and talked about them as a class. Afterwards, the students had the opportunity to draw on poster paper all about what they had learned over the past few weeks. With help from Khusbu Patel, the children were encouraged to let their imaginations loose, and boy were these kids creative! Some students drew superhero teeth battling against their arch rivals, while others drew their favorite healthy foods to eat (see gallery). For their efforts, each student was given an arts and crafts kit that they can use at home. A $50 gift card to a local arts supply store was also presented to the teacher to use to buy any needed art supplies for the children. The drawings will be taped together to make one giant poster showcasing the imagination of these students and will be placed inside Tufts dental school (specific location TBD) for others to enjoy.
Due to the success of this initiative, the program is planned to include several other classrooms at other schools in the months of May and June. There is a planning meeting to review the curriculum on Tuesday, May 19 from 4:15-5:15 pm in the Becker Board Room.
Those interested in participating should contact D16 student leaders, Amy Albright, Olga Rapits, or Khusbu Patel.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Call For Volunteers: Dentistry From the Heart

The team at Charles River Dental is happy to announce that on May 29th, 2015, we will participate in our 2nd annual Dentistry From The Heart! We will provide free cleaning, extraction or filling services for as many patients as possible from 8am – 4pm. During our last event, we helped provide free dental care to over 70 adults in need. Everyone deserves a healthy smile, and we really enjoyed working with others so that they can finally meet that goal.

We would like to ask for volunteers from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine to help us in providing these services. Volunteers may be assisting, helping with sterilization, triage, or anything else to help us run smoothly! We would like our volunteers to come in for the full day from 7am – 5pm or come in shifts (7am – 12pm, 12pm – 5pm). We are looking for 10 volunteers.

Dentistry From The Heart (DFTH) is a nonprofit dental organization working to supply the world with free dental services. Charles River Dental has teamed up with DFTH to offer dental care to those in need. DFTH was founded by Dr. Monticciolo 14 years ago. Now, over 300 events are hosted per year, helping thousands of patients and giving millions of free dentistry. Charles River Dental is proud to affiliate with such a great cause.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us. We look forward to meeting and working with you! If you have any questions, please email 

Tufts Stands with Nepal: Opportunities to Support Relief Efforts

Tufts Stands with Nepal: Opportunities to Support Relief Effortschi-nepal-earthquake-20150502

On April 25th, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal. With aftershocks of 6.5 magnitude having continued since, the death toll nears 5,000 and continues to rise.  A little of your support can go a long way in the immediate relief and long-term recovery of this incredible country. As a Tufts community, let us commit to standing with Nepal as the country responds and recovers.

Here is how together, we can do exactly that!

  • Donate via Venmo to “SAPAC Tufts,” which is currently sending funds to GlobalGiving.
  • On Facebook, like the page “Tufts Stands with Nepal” to learn more about and get involved in organizing and mobilizing efforts on Tufts campus.

To stay in the loop about , search #NepalQuakeRelief

Cristina Kendall (D17) Reflects on ASDA-ADEA Predental Day at Tufts!

ASDA-ADEA Predental Day gives Tufts an opportunity to showcase its facilities, faculty, staff, and students to prospective dental students. We made a great impression on almost 100 attendees from New England and the Tri-State area.

We kicked off the morning with presentations about ADEA by Kathleen Molgaard and ASDA by Neil Patel and myself. Then the predentals went to preclin for wax-ups and sim clin for amalgam fillings. This was the big hit of the day with our guests, according to our exit survey. Thanks to all the D18 volunteers who assisted our visitors, as well as Robbie Russell, Sahar Mostafavi, Olivia Rudnicki, and James Assad for the demonstrations; and to Dr. Arsenault, Dr. Papathanasiou, Dr. Saksena, and Dr. Leader for supervising these hands-on workshops. The preclinical sessions gave “…a great impression of what dental school is like [at Tufts],” wrote one predental. Another wrote, “It was really nice that you gave us the opportunity to do the wax[-up] and filling. Everyone was super-friendly and the day here made me very excited to apply to Tufts.”

During lunch, the predentals had time to mingle with student volunteers. In the afternoon, they listened to presentations from Admissions and Financial Aid — Melissa Friedman, Gillian Anzivino, Danielle Christie, and Sandra Pearson. Afterwards, the D18 volunteers gave tours. One predental wrote in the exit survey, “I’m afraid this tour has ruined any other school I may have considered.” We concluded with a question-and-answer panel made up of dental students from all class years. It was a great event, summed up by one of our survey responses, “The student volunteers were so helpful and informative. I
really got a good feel for student life and education.”

Cristina Kendall
ASDA Tufts D17 Representative
ASDA District 1 Membership Chair

Healthy Teeth/Healthy Body Project

Healthy Teeth/Health Body Initiative off to a great start!

During the past two Friday afternoons, TUSDM students have been involved with a pilot program teaching elementary kids about tooth decay and good nutrition from the Red Oaks After School program, located in the Josiah Quincy School in Chinatown. Working with project advisors, Nancy Marks and Kathryn Dolan, the students designed and executed lesson plans that included games and activities geared towards these topics.
On Friday 4/10, Anjalee Shah (D16) and Olga Raptis (D16), along with Dental Central Rep for the project, Will Chao (D16), visited the kids to teach them about tooth decay and good oral health. The session began with Olga enthusiastically reading a book about tooth decay and visiting the dentist while Anjalee and Will helped engage the kids. Afterwards, they played a game of “Pin The Bacteria On The Tooth” which involved spinning the kids in circles and having them place magnets of bacteria onto a magnetic tooth board. The kids loved the game! For the last activity, the kids showed off their creativity with an arts and crafts project where they made their own mouths– with 10 teeth on the bottom and 10 on the top– by gluing on colored pieces of paper onto a paper plate.
The following week, Anjalee and Will returned to Josiah Quincy to teach the same students about maintaining healthy teeth and a healthy body. Anjalee read a book to the classroom while Will acted out the story with puppets. The kids then got to play a fun game where they picked a snack from a bin and placed it into another bin across the room while acting out how they thought it would make them feel if they ate it. There were kids running, skipping, and slumping around! In the end, the kids got to do another arts and crafts session where they drew in healthy food items into a body outlined on paper.
This upcoming Friday, we will return to the school to have the children make posters of what they learned. It should be a great way to reinforce some of the main themes that were emphasized during the prior visits. In the future, members of the AAPHD, Smile Squad and AAPD will be going into other afterschool classrooms  after evaluating this pilot run.
Pics from the events are attached. If you want to find out more about the project, please contact: Amy Albright, Khusbu Patel, Olga Raptis or Anjalee Shah.

IB Biology Students at Josiah Quincy Upper School Need Volunteers!

The recent discovery of the teixobactin producing microorganism through use of the new culturing technology has many students highly interested in their projects, and a recent proposal from the Tufts sequencing center means that the students might be able to genotype the bacteria they discover, and possibly find a novel JQUS bacteria for whole genome sequencing, which would provide the platform for Josiah Quincy IB class research for years to come.
The nature of this IA lab design and follow through is that the teacher cannot be guiding the students beyond a point.  Since the rules say that help from outside sources (parents, etc.) is not forbidden, and since we have the generous gift of support from an elite science research institution, this means that your help gives our students a tremendous boost.  All levels of help are a huge boon to our student's success: from helping them to come up with improvements to their experimental design, to proofreading their hypothesis statements, to helping them analyze confusing data, and making suggestions for follow-up experiments. Some volunteers last year came for one 45 minute period and some came multiple days in a row.  Some worked with many students, and some mentored a single student. 
If you can commit to helping the seniors at JQ Upper School sometime in the next three weeks, send an email to Ian Warner at In-person support would be preferred at the time of IB classes during the week school hours), or Ian will connect potential mentors who are not able to join them on campus with a student who is eager to get some personalized help via email. Please contact Mr. Warner with any further questions.

Student Leaders Join Together to Launch Healthy Teeth/Healthy Body (HTHB) Project for Children in Chinatown

This winter, TUSDM’s Dept. of Public Health applied for and received a grant from the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s ToothFairy® (NCOHF) to run a Healthy Teeth/Healthy Body (HTHB) oral health education program.  Based on the idea that active participation in learning is a key component in the internalization of information leading to behavior change, the project also boasts a Poster Contest for all K-8 graders as a way to deepen their engagement with the material.

Key to the success of the grant was identifying student groups and leaders who would commit to the project.  D16 Student leaders from Smile Squad and the Association of Pediatric Dentists (AAPD)—Amy Albright, Khusbu Patel, Olga Raptis, Anjalee Shah began meeting with Nancy Marks, Community Service Learning Coordinator and Prof. Kathy Dolan to spear-head the planning efforts and to assemble a broader team of students to make the project a success. 

Last week, the full HTHB project team met for the first time. In addition to the leadership team, students in attendance included: Tracy Tchintchin, D18, and D16s: Sibel Ardit, Will Chao, Mia Harlan, Riley Baldwin, Heidi Kunkel, Monica Hanna.

Will Chao, Dental Central rep for the project summed up the meeting: “On Friday 3/27, members of AAPD, AAPHD, and Smile Squad met to brainstorm ideas for the Healthy Teeth/Healthy Body outreach program planned for elementary and middle school children at Josiah Quincy and other potential sites in Chinatown. Over Chinese food, the volunteers broke into small groups to design lesson plans and games covering the following topics: healthy eating, tooth decay, oral hygiene instruction, and mouth guards/sports.  Laid out were the great activities made by other TUSDM students on the Creative Team—Oral Health Jenga, three different Jeopardy games, and gum/tooth floss dress up game for kindergarteners — created by members of the TUSDM Creative Team. 

Each group then presented their ideas to the whole group, receiving feedback from their peers and project advisors and discussed ways to overcome the challenges of designing an effective and engaging lesson plan for children. There was a lot of great energy in the room.”

If you want to find out more about the project, please contact: Amy Albright, Khusbu Patel, Olga Raptis or Anjalee Shah.

Aekta Patel (D18) Reflects on ASDA’s Smile, Share and Care Program

 Volunteers for Tufts ASDA's Smile, Share, and Care program make weekly trips to the Chinatown YMCA to educate preschool-age kids on the importance of oral hygiene. Volunteers often read books, ask questions, and color with the children while highlighting correct toothbrushing and flossing techniques. The Smile, Share, and Care program's mission stems from the importance of starting children early in their lives with proper dental hygiene and oral care.

The ASDA Smile, Share, and Care Volunteering opportunity was a great way to promote dental health to a young group. I went to the YMCA with a few other dental students, where we read a book to two classrooms of preschool children. Then, we asked the children a few questions, such as 'How many teeth do children have?' Their answers varied from 1 to 50, but eventually they figured out the correct answer. Whoever got the answer got a chance to brush Flossy the Flossasaurus’ teeth, and we taught them to brush in a circular motion and clean the tongue. I volunteered twice, so I got to see how much information the children had retained from before. When we asked how many teeth children have, the children came up with the right answer right away! My favorite part about the experience was when a girl cried and hugged Jimmy Assad (one of the other volunteers) when we were about to leave."

Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health.