TUSDM Students Are Going To Jamaica!

Jamaica1In January 2016, the Tufts Global Outreach program will be visiting Jamaica for the very first time! Michael Golub (D18) first visited Jamaica in 2011 as a volunteer with Healthcare International. This year three additional students [Tahira Williams (D16), Kelly Barbera (D18), Tim Kim (D18)] will be joining him along with students from Michigan dental school and faculty from the dental school at NYU. Healthcare International is an organization made up of dentists and physicians whole goal is to provide dental and medical care for patients in the rural areas of Jamaica who have little or no access to health care. The Tufts team will be providing dental extractions, cleanings, fillings as well as offering a full range of preventative care including: oral health education, free toothbrushes and toothpaste. This trip will offer the Tufts students a unique clinical experience as well as allow TUSDM to partner with an organization that has a strong proven record or providing essential care to an underserved population in Jamaica.
JamaicaA native from Jamaica, Tahira Williams (D16) states “I decided to participate firstly because it was an opportunity to go home and give back to a community that has limited access to dental care and secondly it would be a good learning experience outside of the United States.”
Help the students reach their fundraising goal by donating at the link below:

D18 Creativity Night

Last week, the D18 community service chairs hosted a Creativity Night. The goal of the creativity night was to create new and improve upon the existing oral health promotion materials that we have at the dental school. Many individuals, organizations, and clubs use the materials for OHI events and some were outdated or could use touch ups. The D18 class came together and got creative with how we could make new learning tools. D18 Community Service Co-Chair Lauren Gerkowicz said, ”

  “Creativity night was an incredible event! The D18 class showed so much enthusiasm and motivation to generate new oral health promotion materials and games. The night allowed for a creative outlet for the students, whose days are usually filled with class, book work, and preclinical work. The games, posters and art that the students created was outstanding and because of their hard work, many members of the Tufts community as well as the local community will benefit through improved learning tools.”

Check out the pictures above! If you’d like to get creative and help create oral health promotion material contact Nancy Marks at Nancy.Marks@tufts.edu.

SNDA at Whole Heart Club Health Conference

Last week, SNDA promoted oral health at the Whole Heart Club Health Conference in Mattapan. The overall goal of the conference was to educate and inform the surrounding community of heart health and wellness initiatives. While there, the SNDA members hosted a table and played oral health jeopardy with the community; allowing the game to diverge into deeper conversations about proper oral care and how they could book appointments at the dental school.  Event organizer Mikenah Vega (D18) reflected on the event:

  “Part of SNDA’s mission is to provide oral health services and education to minority populations due to the disparities in oral health seen across the country. The burrow of Mattapan in Boston is a predominately underserved black community that is great need of oral health initiatives. The Jubilee Christian Church is a major resource to the community and we were able to connect with and educate many people throughout the day. The partnerships we made with other organizations will allow us to better serve this population through being invited to more events. I have learned that serving this community is very important to me and to do that better I should improve my communication skills and learn how to give presentations alongside the individual conversations when we host tables.”

Funding Available through America’s ToothFairy

Americas_ToothFairy_LogoNational Children’s Oral Health Foundation is pleased to announce a new funding opportunity for Greater Boston area professional and collegiate student clubs. The mini-grants will support student driven projects focused on increasing access to oral health education and improving oral health literacy for children and caregivers in Boston.

For more information, click here! Application deadline is December 1st, 2015.

Interested students should email Nancy Marks at nancy.marks@tufts.edu before applying

Opportunity to Submit Proposal And Attend Clinton Global Initiative University!

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 4.37.35 PMTufts is a member university of CGIU and collaborates with Tisch College. Students apply directly to CGI online with a “commitment to action”.  If you have a project, initiative, or idea, the first step is submitting a commitment to CGIU, which will then be reviewed. The commitment must be in one of these areas: education, environment, poverty alleviation, peace and human rights, or public health. If your commitment is accepted, you will be eligible for funding. Tisch College will be supporting and funding several projects and student opportunities to attend the annual meeting this year in Berkeley, CA. THE DUE DATE FOR THE ONLINE APPLICATION IS DECEMBER 1.

For questions, assistance with application preparation or more information, contact Mindy Nierenberg at mindy.nierenberg@tufts.edu. “

Jacqueline Liu (D19) Reflects on Her Time at the Schweitzer Leadership Conference

“Having the opportunity to attend the 75th Albert Schwietzer leadership conference was such a privilege. I was surrounded by so many of today’s best and brightest health care professionals. I was struck by the passion, the determination and the drive that each of the presenters had. I am coming away from this conference with a refreshed idea of the kind of dental care provider I want to be, and more informed about the areas in health care that are in need of attention by all health care professionals today.

            The break out session that left the biggest impact on me was the presentation given by Dr. Abdulwaheed, DMD and alumni of TUSDM, which was titled: Adventures of a Healthcare Provider, from Dentist to Activist. Dr. Abdulwaheed is truly an inspiring and remarkable dentist and his passion for his patients is unwavering. He discussed the importance of being a part of your community—which is not limited to providing dental care. It includes going out and tabling at different community events, supporting local businesses, actually talking to the community to understand what their wants and needs are. In order to provide the highest quality of care, you must always keep in mind these 3 things: love your patients, protect your patients, and trust your instinct—do what you know and think is right. You must be able to understand the needs of your community, but also get to know who you are working with—their culture, values and beliefs. These key points that were discussed reminded me of how crucial it is remember the human side of dentistry; we are not just treating the oral cavity—we are providing care to a whole person.”

-Jacqueline Liu (D19)

D18s Volunteering at Josiah Quincy Elementary School

The D18 class spent time last week at the Smart Smiles pediatric clinic in the Josiah Quincy Elementary School painting and revamping the room. The pediatric clinic serves the students at the elementary school, providing an easy and convenient way for them to get dental care. D18 students painted all of the walls and the cabinets as well as created a ‘kids corner’ where the children can play and wait for their appointment. D18 Community Service Co Chair Lauren Gerkowicz had this to say:

“The Smart Smiles clinic in the Josiah Quincy Elementary School provides convenient dental care to the school children and serves as a pediatric rotation location for Tufts Dental students. The room was not in the best shape, so the D18 class wanted to revamp the space and create a more inviting and playful environment for the kids. It’s really important to our class to get involved in the local community and we thought this was a perfect opportunity to make a huge change to a clinic where hundreds of kids get dental treatment. Over 25 students in the D18 class participated in this room makeover and it was a huge success. I was thrilled to see how my class came together for this cause and worked incredibly hard to turn around the space in two days. The clinic looks great and it warms me to think that this change will improve the dental experience of the children at JQS.”

Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health.