Stairway out of Homelessness


Stairway out of Homelessness

Friday, April 29 | 5:30-8:00 p.m.
574 Boston Ave, Room 401

Come listen to the multiple experiences of individuals struggling with homelessness or economic difficulties and learn about the various reasons that brought them to their situation and the various steps they have taken toward their recovering path. Food will be served and the night will end with a raffle! See the flyer for more information.

D19 Community Service: Center Communities of Brookline Senior Outreach

The D19 Community Service committees have been hard at work developing several different oral health outreach programs designed for different communities! On 04/08/16, the Geriatrics Committee visited the Center Communities of Brookline. D19s Kareema Roushdy, Tabitha Lewis, and Soteji Adeuti educated the residents on oral health through an interactive Jeopardy game, active dialogue on oral health preventive methods, proper toothbrushing demonstration, and gifts like toothpaste, toothbrushes, brochures, and other hygienic aids designed for the geriatric community. The goal was for the seniors to take away something new from this event, and from the feedback that the D19s received afterward, it seems that residents learned a lot of information that afternoon!

See what volunteers Kareema and Tabitha had to say about their experiences: Continue reading D19 Community Service: Center Communities of Brookline Senior Outreach

Oral Health Education for Parents at ABCD Chinese Church Head Start

IMG_3149Risha De Leon (D16) has been spending time with the children and families at ABCD Chinese Church Head Start. This community program provides comprehensive services to families and children aged 3-5 years, such as education, family services, and health screenings. During her most recent visit on 04/04/16, Risha educated parents on basic oral health education, including topics like the importance of preventive measures, dental emergencies, and dental treatment. She also distributed many adult toothbrushes and toothpastes to the families. Through her commitment to ABCD Chinese Church Head Start, Risha is discovering the key to a successful community oral health program:

“I learned that a successful community program is based on a good relationship with your community partner. You have to listen to them and have the same goals and prospective outcome.”

If you are a Mandarin or Cantonese speaking student interested in participating in an oral health education program with ABCD Chinese Church Head Start, please contact Risha De Leon!

Event Spotlight: Healthy Kids Festival at the Boston Children’s Museum

On March 26, 2016, members of Smile Squad participated in the Healthy Kids Festival at Boston Children’s Museum. Smile Squad’s table displayed a fun informational poster, and members gave oral hygiene instructions to the children and families with the Smile Squads “puppets” and various other activities, including a flossing activity. Toothbrushes and toothpaste were passed out to every child attendee. Check out the gallery above to see Smile Squad’s great work and fun with the kids!

If you are interested in participating in Smile Squad activities, please e-mail Smile Squad President Olga Raptis to be added on the listserv.

Pearly White Puppets for Oral Health Education!

Puppets with pearly whites
Pearly whites!
Thanks to Christine Robertson, office manger in the Department of Public Health and Community Service, for adding pearl “teeth” to puppets. These puppets can be used for students for oral health education in the field. Thanks Christine!


image1Check out what the American Association of Public Health Dentistry has to share on the Dental Central Bulletin Board on the 7th floor outside of Merritt Auditorium for the month of April!

Interested in promoting your student organization on the DC bulletin board? Contact Nancy Marks for availability!


Old Loupes Donation for Oral Health Programs

Calling all loupes!PD_XV1_MI_Steel_HDL_2

The Department of Public Health is looking for a few old loupes as a donation for oral health education programs. Kids love to put them on and look in each others mouths! This is a great way to get children more invested in their oral health and also get them interested in careers in dentistry.

If you have an old pair of loupes to donate, please contact Nancy Marks. Thank you!

AAPHD at Boston’s School of the Museum of Fine Arts Wellness Fair

AAPHD at MFA Wellness Fair
Left to right: Arietta Rigopoulos (D19), Matthew Fenimore (D19), Rachel Boschetti (D19), Swaitha Maripuri (D19)

On March 10, 2016, members of the American Association of Public Health Dentistry (AAPHD) visited college students at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Wellness Fair.  Tufts AAPHD had a booth on oral health,  gave out goodies like toothbrushes and toothpaste, had interactive games like Jeopardy, and gave out information on careers in the dental profession.

AAPHD Community Outreach Representative Swaitha Maripuri (D16) had wonderful things to say about her experience: Continue reading AAPHD at Boston’s School of the Museum of Fine Arts Wellness Fair

Tisch College Distinguished Speaker Series: Civil Rights Leader John Lewis

Tisch College Distinguished Speaker Series and 4th Annual Alan D. Solomont Lecture on Citizenship & Public Service Featuring Civil Rights Leader & U.S. Congressman John Lewis

April 5 | 6:30 PM|Cohen Auditorium | Tufts Medford Campusc3768596-8822-43f6-a12a-d50670ce578f

 Tisch College is proud to host Congressman John Lewis, U.S. Representative for Georgia’s 5th District, for the 4th Annual Alan D. Solomont Lecture on Citizenship & Public Service. Lewis was a leading figure in the Civil Rights Movement who marched alongside Martin Luther King, Jr., and has dedicated his life to public service and social justice. From protests to politics, the Congressman will share his experiences with the Tufts community and discuss many of the pressing issues facing our communities today.

 The Alan D. Solomont Lecture on Citizenship and Public Service at the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service was established in honor of Alan D. Solomont, A70, A09P. These lectures enable Tisch College to bring to campus distinguished guest speakers who embody the spirit and values of active citizenship and public service. Since its inception, the Alan D. Solomont Lecture has been delivered by House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, U.S. Ambassador of Spain and Andorra, Alan Solomont, and U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren. This lecture is also supported by Tisch College’s Distinguished Speaker Series. Learn more at

This will be a ticketed event. Tickets are free and available through Karen Alexander at the Office of Student Affairs for tickets. 

HDA at East Boston Health Fair

Hispanic-Dental-AssociationTwo weeks ago, members from the Hispanic Dental Association (HDA) visited the East Boston Health Fair at Most Holy Redeemer Parish to provide oral health education. While there, they played oral health education using games, gave puppet demonstrations, sang songs, let the kids try on loupes and answered questions. HDA Co-Community Outreach Coordinator Courtney Schick (D16) had this to say:

“We saw a large number of kids. It was wonderful to have our station as part of a larger community gathering. The kids were excited to be there and engaged.  Events like this one help me relate to kids. I want to incorporate children into my practice so it is good to learn how to relate to them. I enjoyed being surrounded by Spanish and speaking some with adults there. I feel the event also shows an interest in that community. We as students are volunteering to take time to visit this community and that sense of ‘caring’ speaks loudly. I was proud to be able to help organize the event for the second year and feel that it was successful.”

Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health.