Aekta Patel (D18) Reflects on ASDA’s Smile, Share and Care Program

 Volunteers for Tufts ASDA's Smile, Share, and Care program make weekly trips to the Chinatown YMCA to educate preschool-age kids on the importance of oral hygiene. Volunteers often read books, ask questions, and color with the children while highlighting correct toothbrushing and flossing techniques. The Smile, Share, and Care program's mission stems from the importance of starting children early in their lives with proper dental hygiene and oral care.

The ASDA Smile, Share, and Care Volunteering opportunity was a great way to promote dental health to a young group. I went to the YMCA with a few other dental students, where we read a book to two classrooms of preschool children. Then, we asked the children a few questions, such as 'How many teeth do children have?' Their answers varied from 1 to 50, but eventually they figured out the correct answer. Whoever got the answer got a chance to brush Flossy the Flossasaurus’ teeth, and we taught them to brush in a circular motion and clean the tongue. I volunteered twice, so I got to see how much information the children had retained from before. When we asked how many teeth children have, the children came up with the right answer right away! My favorite part about the experience was when a girl cried and hugged Jimmy Assad (one of the other volunteers) when we were about to leave."

Volunteer today! Mission Hill Health Fair, Saturday April 18th

9500c02f995541a9a1408b54d55d703aEach year TUSDM students join the Mission Hill Fair to provide dental education
for this under-served community. We are looking for 4 students to host our table from for approximately 11-3 (split shifts are fine!). And this year, students will have a range of new activities and games to use, thanks to the TUSDM creative team! To sign up, email Nancy at

D16 Mandy Alamwala: Moving on up!

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Special congratulations to our very own Mandy Alamwala (D16) for becoming ASDA's District 1 Trustee. 

District 1 consists of Boston University, Harvard, Tufts, University of Connecticut, and University of New England. 

Mandy was elected to this 2015-2016 national leadership position at the American Student Dental Association's annual session in February.  With this position, she will serve on the Board of Trustees and play an important role in achieveing the association's goals for the coming year.  She will also guide chapters in district-wide activities and work to connect members with resources from ASDA National as well as a multitude of other stakeholders in dentistry. 

We are very pleased to have Mandy representing us in such an important leadership role.

For more information visit:

The D18s Join Dental Central!

D18 photoWe are proud to announce the addition of the D18 class to Dental Central! Written by D18 Dental Central Representative Aekta Patel, the page has some great info on the class' mission and goals, as well as an in depth look at their E-board and some "D18 Class MVPS." Click here to read their page and see what they've been up to!

Dental Central at ADEA!

IMG_0656This past Monday, the Dental Central Team [Nancy Marks of the Public Health and Community Service Department, Mandy Alamwala (D16), and Justin maillet (D17)] presented a poster on Dental Central at the ADEA Annual Session. The poster, titled "Dental Central: Enhancing Student Engagement and Community Service at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine," showcased how effective the site has been at promoting community service and communication between student groups over the past year. Click here to read our poster!

Volunteers Needed!

dental-impressions2 volunteers to take impressions on May 2 from 10-2 in Weston, MA.  Sponsored by The Weston Emergency Reserve Corps in conjunction with the Free Masons of Massachusetts.
The event is called ‘My Chip’ and is a childhood identification program which includes a tooth bite impression, a DNA mouth swab, a digital photo and a brief video as the child, if old enough, answers a few questions. (All of this becomes the property of the parents.)  
Please contact Nancy Marks at if interested.

Attn. Student Leaders: Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Order Supplies!

colgate-crest-soothes-burnsRemember to order toothbrushes, toothpaste and screening supplies for your community service activities in advance! (Don’t count on Nancy and the Dept. of Public Health to have a full supply of what you need…)
Colgate and Crest
Steve Wiktus Screening supply form
Questions about your budget: Contact Karen Alexander @
And if you need to reserve the TUSDM banner or community engagement activities such as Dental Jeopardy or Jenga with an oral health twist: Contact Nancy Marks at

Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health.