Higginson School Health Fair reflection by Elaine Conroy, RDH

Latashia Harris (DA) and I had a table representing Tufts at the Higginson School Health Fair on Tuesday evening, May 23. Other health related organizations such as WIC and Dimock Community Health Center were present. We used the puppets for tooth brushing instruction, played the healthy foods game and gave out toothbrushes, toothpaste and TUSDM pamphlets. We always get amazed looks from the health fair visitors when they see the “Re-think Your Drink” poster, and the kids love to brush the puppets teeth with the giant toothbrush. We were prepared to see more participants this year, but far fewer attended than in the past. The fair is held in the schoolyard, so the cooler weather may have kept some home. Community Hygiene goes to the Higginson during the school year to provide preventive care, so we also try to promote that program to the parents, as all are not aware of this opportunity.

Elaine Conroy, RDH-

HPSP Senior Send Off!


The Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) student organization is structured to support those pre-doctoral students who, through military sponsorship, are committed to serving their country both as a dental professional and a military officer. HPSP proudly presents our 8 graduated D17s, our newest captains and lieutenants! HPSP had organized a senior night to celebrate and recognize our graduated 4th years and our faculty/student members who have military ties.

Our D17s showed amazing dedication, compassion, and leadership throughout their years at TUSDM, and there is no doubt that they will succeed not only as dentists, but as military officers. We’re incredibly excited for them as they embark their new journey in their designated military bases. You guys will be missed! Thank you for your service!

Patrick Hoye
Lejla Tupkovic

Ashley Wallace
Kyu Choi
Tom Vu
Jimmy Assad
Alex Sukys

Air Force:
Mitchell Tossberg-Wilson

Senior night PC: Kevin Campbell (D18)
D17 US Army commissioning ceremony at Fenway Park
D17 US Navy commissioning ceremony on the USS Constitution

Letter to the TUSDM Class of 2017 from Dr. Yun Saksena

Dear IS’17s and D’17s,

Congratulations for your graduation!  You’ve reached this huge milestone through hard work and determination!

  • You were the first class we had for book groups. Remember the lessons from Henrietta Lacks. Some of you were really shy back then. Being part of your professional development has been a privilege.
  • Many of you​ really stepped up to help your “littles” transition into clinic, going above and beyond, ​especially when the D’19​s needed help in the IDP 3 workshops doing exams on one another. TAs or not, you gave up your time and taught them something to make their lives easier. ​Thank you so much!

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Class of 2017 Senior Awards!

Class of 2017 Senior Awards!

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“The painful truth about teeth” (Article)

“You can work full time but not have the money to fix your teeth”

Dental care is being referred to as a visible reminder of the divide between rich and poor. As the distance between rich and poor grows in the United States, few consequences are so overlooked as the humiliating divide in dental care. High-end cosmetic dentistry is soaring, and better-off Americans spend well over $1 billion each year just to make their teeth a few shades whiter. As dental/health care providers, it is disturbing and unfortunate that millions of people are resorting to charity clinics and hospital emergency rooms for last minute treatments of their painful and neglected teeth.

Be sure to follow the link and read more in depth of the article highlighting health disparities and dental care!


D20 Community Service Event at GBFB reflection by Gloria Enjuweh (D20)

The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) is the largest leading hunger-relief agency in New England, providing over 57million pounds of nutritious food to people who struggle to haave enough to eat each year, feeding more than 140,000 people each month. On February 6, 2017, The D20 Community Service representatives were able to organize a class volunteer event to help organize and distribute food at the GBFB center.

Gloria Enjuweh (D20), who is one of the Community Service class representative reflects:
“It’s always satisfying seeing members of the D20 class working together towards a common goal. Being a part of this simple but rewarding mission has made me become even more sensitive to the needs of others. The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) works passionately to end hunger in Eastern Massachusetts by providing neighbors in need with healthy food and resources. Their mission aligns itself with my beliefs; healthy food, healthy kids, and healthy communities. Its fulfilling to be a part of an organization that provides a service to those who need it the most.”

D20 Participants: Gloria Enjuweh, Robert Brookings, Sandy Lopez, Dena Shuster, David Michaels, Allan Mcquarrie, Mitchell Mcshane, Shivani Bhatt, Lindsey Gallagher, Matthew Y.Chan, and Mariana Barry. 

ASDA Smile, Share & Care D20 Reflections: Thais, Stefane, and Monica

American Student Dental Association (ASDA) Smile, Share and Care is a program where volunteers go to the YMCA daycare/ pre-K across the street from the Tufts Medical Center on most Monday afternoons. We usually read one or two stories to the children and then play with them with some interactive stuffed animals.  It’s a great way for us dental students to impress upon these little guys that dentists are cool people who want to take care of them.
We had 3 of our D20’s reflect on their experiences on May 1st and May 8th, 2017!

It was rewarding to head over to the YMCA and participate in the Smile, Share & Care event and teach the kids the importance of oral hygiene. Story time was an interactive way to teach the children more about oral hygiene and habits that will help them lead a healthier lifestyle. It was great to see their interest in story time and their excitement to have us there.

Thais Antunes (D20)

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