El reto para esta semana es practicar nuestro español!

Miren lo que los miembros de HDA hicieron el pasado Noviembre!

El pasado 18 de Noviembre, miembros de la organización de Hispanic Dental Association tuvieron la oportunidad de asistir en la Feria de Salud y Educación para Latinos for Waltham.  En el evento los estudiantes que participaron ofrecieron instrucciones de como mantener una boca saludable. En el evento participaron 20 familias necesitadas de la comunidad de Waltham y se les otorgo pavos y alimentos para las festividades de el Día De Acción de Gracias. Entre las actividades los miembros de la comunidad también pudieron hablar con un abogado de Inmigración, y una especialista financiera para ayudar a las personas y contestar sus preguntas. De parte de los Representantes de la Comunidad de Servicios de HDA le queremos dar las gracias en especial a Christian Mendoza (D20) y a Janelle Diaz (D20) por participar en este evento y hacerlo un éxito.

Para la próxima semana esperen la versión en ingles y ¡actualicen sus habilidades bilingües! (Please check out the English version next week!)

SNDA Love and Happiness Event

On February 8th, the Student National Dental Association (SNDA) held their Love and Happiness event! Many students and faculty came out to make Valentine’s Day cards for the pediatric inpatients at the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center. Check out some of the creative cards they made!

DC Bulletin Board Highlight: SNDA & Implant Club

Happy February!!
Come by the 7th floor and check out Student National Dental Association (SNDA)‘s bulletin board by the mailboxes. In celebration of Black History Month, SNDA is having many upcoming events that will also be announced on the board!

And don’t miss the Implant Club‘s bulletin board by the student lounge! They’ll be up there all through the month of February!

Sign-up for the 2017-2018 school year is open. Please see available dates HERE and sign up to show off your awesome student group to the TUSDM community! There are only a couple spots left!!

Salsa Night Fundraiser

Give Kids a Smile along with Alpha Omega are hosting a Salsa Night on Friday, February 9th from 6-9PM, in efforts to raise money for TUSDM’s 2nd annual Give Kids a Smile event – A national outreach program created by the ADA Foundation that serves children in need of dental care, free of charge and allows them to potentially find a dental home.
The Salsa Class will be taught by Tuft’s very own D’19, Alejo Lamas! The event will be in the Alumni Lounge on the 15th floor. The class costs $10 for dancing only and $15 for dancing and drinks! There will also be snacks provided for everyone. Please see the attached flyer for more information. To sign-up via this google doc: https://goo.gl/forms/Jvm7cVidntSkM4f13.

HPSP Alumni at Yankee Dental

Yankee Dental Congress in Boston attracted some of Tufts Dental HPSP alumni  to come back to Tufts! Dr. Rankin seized the moment and had two of our alumni, Dr. Lauren Gadeberg D14 (Navy) and Dr. Will Archer D16 (Air Force) come back to speak to current HPSP students. At the Tufts reception at the Yankee, he also met with several of other Tufts HPSP alumni.

Pictured: Drs. Gadeberg and Archer along with our HPSP group; and at the Yankee, Dr. Rankin is with Dr. Mike Lee, D11 (Navy), Dr. Gadeberg and Dr. Jimmy Teebagy, D14 (Air Force).

Lessons in a Lunchbox with AAPD!

On February 6th from 9AM-12PM, AAPD members along with Dr. Martha Forero, a clinical instructor in the Pediatric Department, will be heading to Josiah Quincy School for Lessons in a Lunchbox! This is a time to teach the kids about the importance of oral health and proper nutritional habits in a fun way. Volunteers will arrive at the school at 9 am (an hour prior to the presentation to have time to set up , to organize table displays and to determine the role of each of the volunteers).

The duration of the program is approximately one hour, that will include the presentation (description of the lunch box and video) distribution of the lunch boxes, and oral hygiene demonstration. At the end of the presentation we will make sure to have enough time for collection of demonstration aids (puppets, models) and Q&A from our volunteers.

If you would like more information about Lessons in a Lunchbox, check out their website: http://mycohi.org/index.html

“Many Faces of Mental Health” Exhibit Reflection

This past weekend, a few of TUDSM students visited the “Many Faces of Mental Health” exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science. Check out how it went!

Vendita Correia (D20) reflects: “I recall the words in the movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, “be excellent to each other.” On Friday evening January 26, 2018, myself along with classmates Anne-Marie Vu D’19, Brent Mullen D’20, Dora Piedra D’20, Joseph Copeli D’21, and Shannon Walsh D’21, attended the, “Many Faces of Mental Health” exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science accompanied by the artist Lynda Cutrell. This impactful exhibit broke down many of the stigmas and misconceptions concerning mental illness. On the back wall of the exhibit were 99 images of people with mental illnesses and those who love them. These were people who represented various professions, backgrounds, and demographics.

As I reflect on this experience, I realize that we walk amongst many who suffer from various mental illnesses. They are our family, friends, WE are them. The exhibit challenges you to really consider how mental health is often treated in our society, as less of an illness and more of a social weakness. So much so that many groups do not accept or allow their members to adequately deal with what they are facing. This is why the section of the exhibit Census Datawas so encouraging because it showed various shades of brown representing 850 people with various mental illnesses. Mental illness is not exclusive and can truly affect anyone. I was truly grateful to have experienced this exhibit with my classmates and it was a great reminder to “be excellent to each other” because we never know the battles each of us face.  Thanks to Dr. Patterson, Professor Dolan and Nancy Marks for helping to make it all happen.”

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