Middle Eastern Dental Society Elections

August 14, 2018 @ 12:00 pm
Rachel's Amphitheater
Stephanie Samrin

Good Afternoon Jumbos!
We would like to invite YOU to the Middle Eastern Dental Society (MEDS) Elections on Tuesday August 14, 2018!
As a new club, we have lots of opportunities to provide! We are working on numerous amazing opportunities to introduce, and we’re open to new ideas and innovation! We promise to exceed your expectations 🙂

To do so, we aim to have a highly coherent E-board that will allow for the quick growth of this society. We have already spoken to the medical school as well as Harvard and BU about potentially starting sister programs to allow for collaboration once the program is up and running.
The aim for this initiative is not only to bring together the different cultures of the Middle East, but to work as one to bring aid to vulnerable populations both locally and globally. We aim to be a voice for change and a team for development.

We invite you to apply for these following positions:

Community Service Liaison
Social Media Coordinator
D20, D19, D22 Class Reps