Cultivating mind-body wellness in dental school: Tools for stress management & personal and professional development

September 17, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Tufts ASDA

You won’t want to miss this exciting webinar featuring our very own Dr. Pastan featured with other Tufts Dental Students. Here is some more information from

“The profession of dentistry is known to be stressful, and its effects can be detrimental to the dental provider personally and professionally. The stressors of the dental profession start with dental students in the first years of their dental education. The practices of yoga and meditation are grounded in evidence-based research and have been proven to reduce stress, increase resilience and decrease burnout. This webinar with Dr. Christina Pastan will address the stresses dental students face in their four years of training, the importance of developing self-regulation skills through mind-body practices and how these practices can help reduce stress and promote personal and professional development.

In this session, Dr. Pastan will address this concept, then be joined by a panel of Tufts Dental students talking about how they have incorporated mind-body practices into their dental school experience. “