Chuck Blakeman:A Practice Management Club Special

April 22, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Merritt Auditorium
Practice Management Club

Please join the Practice Management Club for a lunch and learn followed by a dinner and discussion (7-8:30) with Chuck Blakeman.

Chuck Blakeman is a successful entrepreneur, best-selling
business author and world-renowned business advisor who
built eleven businesses in eight industries on five continents,
and now uses his experience to advise others. His company,
Crankset Group, provides outcome-based mentoring and peer
advisory for business leaders worldwide.
Chuck sold one of his businesses to the largest consumer
fulfillment company in America and led three other $10-$100
million companies. He presently leads the Crankset Group and
a for-profit business based in Africa, focused on developing
local economies to solve poverty.
Mr. Blakeman is a results leader with decades of experience
leading companies in marketing, import/export, fulfillment, call
centers, website development, printing and direct mail
Some of Mr. Blakeman’s customers have included Google,
Microsoft, Apple, Eli Lilly, TAP Pharmaceuticals, Sun
Microsystems, Tyco Healthcare, Johns Manville and many more
Fortune 500s and smaller businesses.
He is a convention speaker, writer, and non-profit board
member. Recent speaking appearances include Kenya, Canada,
Ireland, New Zealand, and across the US. 100+ times a year.
Recent print and online appearances include Inc. Magazine
(regular contributor), Success Magazine, Entrepreneur
Magazine,, He was recently
cited in Dr. Stephen Covey’s book, The 3rd Alternative.