TUSDM Class of 2018 (D18)

D18 photo

Our mission at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine is to be “global leaders in oral health” by being exceptional clinicians and integral members of our society. What sets the D18 class apart is our wish to fulfill this duty together. Even though our class is comprised of individuals from various backgrounds, each individual has contributed to the class in a selfless and unique way. We understand that we have the option of trying to make it through dental school all by ourselves; instead, our vision is to collectively make it to graduation day in 2018! That’s what makes us unique.

Non-D18 members of TUSDM we do not get to thank enough are our families, friends, faculty, administration, and upperclassmen. They inspire us to be the best we can, and without them, we would not be where we are right now. The knowledge and experiences they provide us with is invaluable, and we will forever be grateful to be members of the TUSDM family.

So far, D18 students have demonstrated a great interest in community service by volunteering for organizations such as Project Bridge, Sherwood Clinic, and Smile Squad. We have also held many social events, including a class ski trip, a snow day at the Commons, and an annual holiday party. Events to come include further community service events organized by the new D18 Community Service Chairs, athletic events organized by the new Sports Committee Chairs, and fundraiser events organized by the E-board. Please feel free to contact members of the D18 E-board if you have any questions!
 Aekta Patel, D18 Dental Central Representative

D18 Class MVPs
During our first semester, the E-board decided to recognize members of our class who have enhanced our experience at Tufts academically, socially, clinically, or in other ways. These students may work behind the scenes, but we admit our experience at TUSDM just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Lana Prete, 03/09/15
Lana is known in our class for her warmth and sincerity – she truly cares about our class and is always there to make us smile. She has to take care of a husband and child at home, travel 45 minutes to get to Tufts, and 45 min back home. Despite all of this, Lana never shows her stress to the rest of us. She motivates all of us to try harder; she is truly an inspiration. Not only that, but Lana is known her amazing baked goods!

Jane Wang, 03/09/15
Jane, our TUSK coordinator/student recorder, is in charge of getting lecture captures to us through Tusk, and she does her job so well that we never have to worry about lectures. She takes time out of her own day to make sure the rest of us get our study materials on time. She also takes time out to reorganize TUSK, and get lectures to us before class starts so we can take efficient notes.

Aaron Lalonde, 12/03/14
We can all admit that one of our toughest first year classes at TUSDM has to be Operative Dentistry. Learning how to use a headpiece and work with composite/ amalgam to recreate a tooth does not come easily for most of us. As our D18 class liaison for Operative Dentistry, Aaron has demonstrated that he truly wants our class to have a working environment where we can perform exceptionally. Aaron works hard to give us more opportunities to work in Simulation Clinic, set up help sessions where we can receive help from upperclassmen, and inform us about what is required during our practical exams.

Mei-Yee Chan, 12/03/14
We have a lot to worry about our first year, such as how we will transition into graduate school, balance academics with extracurricular activities, and enhance our clinical skills. But one thing we HAVEN’T had to worry about is how to navigate through TUSK! TUSK is a difficult website to get used to, with all the different folders and subfolders one must go through to find a file. Instead of US having to go through all this hassle, Mei-Yee took the responsibility onto herself; she tells us EXACTLY where to find each lecture for each class, every single day. We would be lost on TUSK if it weren’t for Mei-Yee!

D18 E-Board

“Fratty Natty” Reimers, Class President
Born and raised on the South Shaw of MA, Natty dedicated his time to teaching local kids how to ski the Blue Hills, alongside his best buds, Matty Damon and Benny Affleck. His college years brought him wicked fah Nawth to Dahtmouth, where he led his frat brothers in daily yoga exercises, and moderated debates over whose collar was popped highest. Shortly after graduation, he entered and thrived in corporate America for several years, before realizing over his cup of Dunks one morning that he wanted a more ful”filling” career, if you get my drift. All joking aside, Nat is one of the hardest working, most genuine gents around, constantly providing crucial canine-cornerstone support to the D18 class, and extending a helpful hand to all those he encounters.

Sam is the veteran of our staff as she and Michael Golub took part in the Pre-Dental Non-Degree Program last year. We are so honored to have Sam on the team. She is completely devoted to the program – you will not find a more dedicated, caring, and energized class leader. A TUSDM legacy from Rhode Island, Sam loves Tufts. She bleeds blue and not just from the jugular, if you catch my drift.

Alec “Me, Myself, and” Eidelman, Treasurer
Alec hails from the North Shore of Boston. He attended Lafayette College, in William Penn’s forest before his homecoming to Massachusetts and Tufts. Like Sam and me, Alec got into Tufts because he’s a legacy. Just joking (for Sam and Alec), Alec is extremely smart and gifted. And we are so lucky to have him. He knows how to throw a party and he’s got a thing for John Elway …and some guy named Brad.

From time to time, Kelly has shown us that she can take charge and get a job done. Quickly. Kelly is the rock on which our E-board is built. Her organization and communication skills are on point. She hails from NYC where she lived in 4 of the city’s 5 boroughs. We doubted her at first – what if she turned out to be a Yankees fan? But Kelly ASSURED us she is NOT pro-Yankees, so she’s in the clear!

D18 Community Service Chairs

Lauren is from Orlando, Florida but moved to Chicago for college. Now, she is living in Boston, continuing her trend of cold-weather cities; you’d never believe that she actually loves the warmth! Lauren is one of the D18 community service co-chairs and is incredibly happy to be a part of such a motivated and inspiring class!

Spencer was raised internationally and went to Northeastern University in Boston for his undergraduate studies in Biology. He’s volunteered extensively with Best Buddies, Operation Smile, Habitat for Humanity, and several Vietnamese orphanages over the years, and looks forward to getting the D18 class on the charity train. Spencer speaks five languages on a good day (and zero on a bad one)!

Kim Meyers
Kim grew up in the suburbs of Massachusetts and went on to attend The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. She’s always up for an adventure and can’t wait to start planning community service events for our class. Interesting fact: There’s a reaction called the ‘Meyers Aldehyde Synthesis’ that you may have had to learn about in organic chemistry – that’s her grandpa!

D18 Social Chairs

Hoosier your Social Chair!?! Sonya, like 3/4 of our class hails from Indiana and attended Indiana University. There she organized and directed events for large student groups and alumni.

Mikey is from Brockton, MA and knows Beantown like the back of her hand. Similar to Brandon and Sonya, she has experience party and event planning. Mikey used to work for a company called G.O.O.D. Entertainment in Boston. She has a ton of connections in the city and we are so lucky to have her.

The D18 resident DJ, Brandon Wong, is a Virginia native. At James Madison University, Brandon founded a company called “The Party Cartel” that staged and hosted campus events. Under Brandon’s leadership (with a little tutelage from Pablo Escobar), The Party Cartel dominated the party scene/trade in the mid-Atlantic region for years.

D18 Sports Committee Chair

Jose Antonio Novoa is the D18 Athletics chair. Being a former high school tennis player in Miami, FL, Jose has always had a passion for sports. He is a currently a member of the D18 intramural basketball team and is in charge of planning and setting up sporting events for the class. They are meant to bring the class together in fun active ways. Some of his upcoming plans include organizing a class field day with different team activities and a class Iron guy/ Iron girl competition.

D18 Class Historians

Chris is from Langhorne, PA which is 40 minutes north of Philadelphia. He is a graduate from Temple University in Philadelphia where he received his B.S. in Geology and a Master’s In Biomedical Science from The Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton, PA. A hobby of his, among other things, is photography which makes him a good fit for the class historian position for the D18 class! In his spare time, he enjoys astronomy and traveling to different places.

Tim is one of the most talented and driven people we have met in our class. And we mean driven quite literally. In addition to being wicked smart and a phenomenal photographer, he has a passion for cars. Not many people know this, but the Fast and the Furious movie series is based on Tim Kim’s life. Moreover, Hollywood screenwriters actually had to tone down the script to make Tim Kim’s storyline believable for theater audiences.

Joemari is from LA, California, where he attended California State University Fullerton. He taught Kindergarten through 6th grade at an after school tutoring center called The Savant Institute throughout his undergrad. He has a Siberian Husky named Thor that he sometimes takes “Urban Mushing” (I puts a harness on him and tethers him to his bike, and he follows his mushing commands; go, stop, speed up, right, left). Joemari is also an amazing singer! Surprisingly, he is still single!

D18 Class Representatives

Amrita (Amy) Khemka,  Patient Care Quality Assurance Committee (PCQAC)
Originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Amy is the D18 Representative for the PCQAC, for which she must attend monthly meetings. While we do not see the immediate benefits of PCQA as first years, new policies discussed by the committee will be utilized when we enter clinic our third year. In her free time, Amy loves reading and watching fantasy novels and movies. Ron Weasley is her soul-mate!

Holly Fadie, Curriculum Committee (CC)
As the D18 Representative for the CC, Holly actively participates in monthly meetings with the TUSDM staff to discuss issues related with courses, schedules, and clinical curriculum. Holly is originally from the Chicagoland area and appreciates a good deep dish pizza. Currently, she resides in the North End of Boston – the next best place to find a good pizza!

Gyve Hamidi, Ethics, Professionalism and Citizenship Committee (EPCC)
Gyve, the D18 EPCC representative, is originally from Beverly Hills, California (90212, not 90210). He attended law school at Boston University before realizing the error of his ways and deciding on an immeasurably better career and higher quality educational institution. As the representative for the D18 class, Gyve, in part, hopes to make the transition to professional standards more seamless for his classmates by helping to bridge the gap between what is expected of them and of what they are actually aware.

Chelsea Johnston, Risk Management, Safety, and Infection Control Committee (RMSICC)
Chelsea is originally from Vancouver, Canada but has lived in New England for nearly 15 years. As the D18 class liaison for the RMSICC, she attends monthly meetings in hopes of improving infection control and reducing risk in preclinical settings, by enforcing safety protocol and answering questions the D18 class may have. Fun fact: Chelsea has a 14 year old white standard poodle named Jessie!

Christine (Christy) Collins,  Student Promotions Committee (SPC)
In the SPC, Christy represents our D18 class. She is a resource for any student approached by the SPC or any student concerned about academic affairs. Christy is originally from a small farm town in Northern Illinois and went to undergrad in Boulder, Colorado. She never thought she would end up on the East Coast, but here she is! In her spare time, she loves cooking, hanging out with friends, and doing yoga!

Hannah Leahey, Outcomes Assessment Committee (OAC)
Hannah is the OAC Representative for the Class of 2018. The OAC analyzes various metrics to ensure that TUSDM is meeting standards set forth by the university’s mission statement. Hannah is originally from Mercer Island, WA, and attended Dickinson College for her undergraduate degree.

Sangita Murali, Research Committee (RC)
Sangita serves as the RC representative for the D18 class! Whether one is looking to specialize, or boost her/ his clinical skills/ resume, Sangita believes research is a great avenue. Her goal is to aid any D18s interested in research at Tufts in finding at least one project that excites them. Sangita is originally from Dartmouth, MA, and loves hot cocoa, the Bruins, and corny humor!

Kyle Jonna, Student Library Advisory Committee (SLAC)
Kyle was born and raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. He attended undergraduate school at the University of Michigan with two majors, one in Biomolecular Science and one in Economics. He now proudly attends Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, where he was granted the opportunity to serve as our class’ library and bookstore liaison. His goal is simple – he wants our class to have everything they need, in the most convenient and cost effective way possible.

Tuvy Phan, American Dental Education Association (ADEA)
As our ADEA Committee representative, Tuvy focuses on planning, hosting and attending events that can benefit our class as a whole in terms of advancing dental education. Before coming to dental school, Tuvy was an educator back in her hometown of Dallas, TX. Education is her passion and she hopes she can do great things for current and future dental students in our community.

Pei-Yun (Agatha) Kao, American Student Dental Association (ASDA)
Agatha is our ASDA D18 class representative. Even though Agatha is a relatively new member of the organization, she is not afraid to come up with new and unprecedented ideas that will help the D18 class become more involved in dentistry at a national level. Agatha is originally from Irvine, California. She enjoys listening to music, especially when she is drilling in preclin!

Jonathan (Jon) Batlle, Alumni Association (AA)
Mr. Jon Batlle is going to be our class’s liaison to the Alumni Association – which is so incredibly cool. With Jon’s initiative last year, we became the first class to establish a relationship with the Alumni Association and to sit in on association meetings. Hopefully, we can continue to build our relationship with the Alumni Association during and after our tenure at Tufts. I’m not sure if many of you noticed, but Dr. Derek Wolkowicz, the president of the Tufts Dental Alumni Association was at our year-end BBQ.

Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health.