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AO’s Pizza with the People!

Alpha Omega has had so much fun hosting Pizza with the People this year with some phenomenal guests! So far we’ve had lunch with the staff of central sterilization, the dispensaries, and janitorial services! Did you know that there is an overnight shift for the janitorial staff that cleans our school from 10pm to 7am, before we all arrive in the morning? These fantastic people work so hard for all of us here at Tufts and being able to show our appreciation for them has been great. We’re looking forward to having many more lunches with awesome departments from Tufts Dental this year!
If you are interested in joining us for Pizza with the People, don’t forget to sign up to be a member of AO this year and follow us on Instagram at @TuftsAlphaOmega!

DC Bulletin Board Highlights: HPSP & GHSA

Happy September!

Swing by the 7th floor and check out the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) board by the mailboxes! Stop by throughout the month to see photos of students and faculty that participated in the tough ruck, previous/upcoming events, and ways to find out more about being a part of the military and studying as a dental student simultaneously!

And don’t miss the Global Health Student Association (GHSA) bulletin board by the 7th floor lounge and learn about their mission/vision statement, photos from various GSL trips, upcoming events, and so much more!

Sign-up for the 2018-2019 school year is open. Please see available dates HERE and sign up to show off your awesome student group to the TUSDM community!

Vinyasa with a View!

Join Dr. Pastan, Katie Dunn TUSDM’s Team Yogis at  Vinyasa with a View at 9OFS, a rooftop garden in the heart of Boston. The event takes place on Tuesday, September 25th at 5pm. Over the years, the team of students, faculty and staff have had wonderful experiences participating in this event. For the past two years, TUSDM Yogis were the second highest fundraising team!

To join the team or make a tax deductible donation to the American Cancer Society and go to:

Questions? Please contact Dr. Pastan at


Where are the D18s now?

Wondering where the D18 class ended up after graduating?

Check out the D18 Career Outcomes Shared Document compiled by Marguerite Moore, Assistant Director of Student Affairs & Career Services to see stats and fun facts about where our D18’s ended up after graduation!

The information was gathered through The First Destination Survey. The Survey is a Career Services initiative to provide an in-depth understanding of the career paths that students take immediately after graduation. Students complete the survey as part of their administrative clearance process. The following data reflects a 95% knowledge rate.  A 6-month follow-up will be conducted to include updated outcomes for students who had not yet cleared or who had not determined a career path upon clearing.

AIDPH Federal Service Internship Opportunity

AIDPH’s Federal Service Internship 

The American Institute of Dental Public Health (AIDPH) would like to invite applications to the Federal Service Internship (FSI) in Washington, DC October 9th-12th. FSI connects students with federal agencies to learn more about federally administered public health programs and opportunities. This internship includes of visits to HRSA, NIDCR, NLM, SAMHSA, and the FDA with presentations from the CDC. This experience is limited to current dental and dental hygiene students. It is anticipated that applicants would provide proof of student status. There is no tuition to participate in the program; however, students are expected to sponsor their own travel and accommodations.

***Note: Previously, this experience has been limited to current Dental Public Health Residents. Applicants from this expanded eligibility will be considered on a first-come-first-served basis until available slots are filled. Applications will close on September 7th.***

To learn more about this experience and submit an application, visit the 
AIDPH website. You can reach the Program Coordinator, Annaliese Cothron, at for questions.

SAMDA General Meeting 9/7!

The South Asian Medical and Dental Association will be POSTPONING its first general body meeting until Friday, September 7th from Noon-1PM in room 773.
Everyone is welcome to attend and hear about this years upcoming events as well as meet other members. Bring anyone who is interested! Lunch will be provided.
Attention D22s! If you are interested in becoming the SAMDA D22 representative, please attend the general body meeting to learn more!

The Opioid Project

When Nancy Marks is not busy at Tufts working on community service projects with the dental students, she is actively pursuing her love of art in ways to bring about positive change in the lives of those affected by the opioid epidemic.  Nanc’s most recent endeavor, “The Opioid Project” is a visual art and oral storytelling program for those affected by the opioid epidemic.

A link to the article that appeared in the August 12th Sunday edition of the Boston Globe is:

Check it out!

Lunch and Learn with Dr. Yu, Yau-Hua

Dean Huw F. Thomas’ 150th Anniversary Lunch and Learn Series presents:

Dr. Yu, Yau-Hua

“Women’s Health and Periodontitis”

Thursday, August 30th at 12pm

Rachel’s Amphitheater – 1414

 “Precision Medicine in oral health has yet to happen! In this presentation, Dr. Yu will overview her research path and focus on her recent NIH K23 award aiming at exploring genomic determinants of periodontal disease. Her study was primarily conducted in the Women’s Health Study at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.”



Multicultural Fair!

If you found your stomachs growling last Tuesday, it might have been from the amazing smells of the array of foods being offered by members of a number of the cultural student groups on campus to welcome the incoming D22 class. Members of the Italian Club, SAMDA, ADO, PASDAD, NEHMDS, KADA, MEDS, LGBTA+, HDA, and SNDA dished out a variety of food ranging from banh mi to baklava in celebration of the cultural diversity at TUSDM. Many thanks to all those who participated joined in and to the Student Affairs office for organizing the annual outdoor multicultural fair!