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The Safety Equipment Athletes Often Neglect? Mouthguards

Lacrosse players were most likely to wear a mouthguard, according to the survey results. Here, Tufts’ Kirsten Grazewski, A21, moves past a defender during a match against York College. Photo: Anna Miller

Women players more likely to protect their teeth, a Tufts School of Dental Medicine study shows.

When a ball or puck is flying towards an athlete’s face, a mouthguard can be all that stands between him or her and some serious dental trauma. Yet, a survey of Tufts athletes conducted by researchers at the School of Dental Medicine shows the use of mouthguards is inconsistent, although women athletes appear to be far more likely to wear them than men.

Checkout the full article here!

D23 Women in Leadership Dinner: An awesome and inspiring Event!

Over 80 D23 women were “in the house” at TUSDM’s annual Women in Leadership Dinner co-hosted by Karen Alexander, student affairs department and Nancy Marks, public  health and community service department.  

Dean Karimbux and Dr. Dara Rogers welcomed the attendees and expressed their commitment and support for the goals of the event. D22 Class President Romina Aznavaleh shared highlights from her run to become class president.  

Then four fabulous D21 female leaders took to the podium to offer their experiences becoming leaders at TUSDM. Shout outs to Konstance Joseph, Irene Lang, Chrislyn Fite and Chardai Lyde for showing up and being open and inspirational!  

Also key to the event were rockin D22s who led the table discussions and added warmth to the evening. Big thanks to: Jacksyn  Clanton, Palak D Patel, Alia Osseiran, Nikesha Walters, Laimarie Alas, Haley Sicard, Anshelle Tucker, Erin Howard, Elizabeth Banister, Hiba Elnour and Maggie Wu

And what did the D23s think? Evaluations are still coming in but early feedback begins to capture the feeling:

  • “Thank you for the amazing dinner tonight. It was so great to hear what our classmates have achieved in their careers as dental students so far. It truly felt empowering.” ZY
  • “I had an awesome time and it’s amazing being able to watch people that look like you taking on roles that you never even imagined.” JS

Onward D23s! Make your mark on TUSDM!

AAPHD Weekly Health Policy Fact

A recent infographic published by the ADA Health Policy Institute highlighted Emergency Department visits for dental conditions from 2010-2016. In 2016, there were 2.2 million hospital ED visits for dental conditions, and there has been an increase in Medicaid funded visits over the seven-year period. The majority of dental ED visits were triaged as semi-urgent or non-urgent and could be referred or treated in a dental clinic.

The Action for Dental Health Act of 2018 aims to reduce the number of dental visits to the ED by funding preventive oral health programs in states and municipalities, which could lead to healthcare savings of $1.7 billion.  

The infographic has been attached for your reference. Please reach out to us with any questions.

Welcome to the Tufts family, D23s!

Welcome to the Tufts family, D23s! 

Dental Central is a hub for members of the Tufts community to broadcast upcoming events and to collaborate through community service, volunteerism, and much more. Here, you can access sign up for community service events, see photos and reflections from past student experiences, and stay up-to-date with what is going on through the school. Look out for a more detailed email introducing Dental Central later this week!

We are all so excited to have you here—good luck and enjoy orientation!

AAPHD policy fact of the week

Here is this week’s AAPHD policy fact of the week:

A recent article from the Journal of Public Health dentistry titled “Broken smiles: The impact of untreated dental caries and missing anterior teeth on employment” examined the impact of routine dental visit on anterior teeth health, employment, and the benefits of expanding dental coverage for non-elderly adults.

  • Results showed that the probability of being employed was negatively associated with poor oral health.
  • This shows that physical appearance influences social interaction. Those who decayed or missing anterior teeth were from low-income households or from ethnic minorities who lacked dental insurance and access to dental care.
  • Expansion of dental care in Medicaid could positively influence the employment rate. This could also lead to overall decreased costs to emergency departments, to the state, and in the end allow more individuals to make a livable wage.

For more information, please see the article.

Attention Student Group Leaders: 2019 Bulletin Board Sign Up are open!

The Dental Central bulletin boards on the 7th floor are available to highlight student group’s voice, vision and activities! Use photos and narratives—its a great way to highlight your goals and is a great way to inspire students to get involved.  Show your community service activities…or provide education on an issue important to the TUSDM community. Some groups pick a month that has particular significance to the meaning of their club (i.e. LGBTQA often chooses May in advance of Gay Pride; AAWD often chooses March – the month of International Women’s Day.)

Reserve a Bulletin Board on the 7th floor near Merritt and the Student Lounge: Check out this link to sign up your student organization and get a month of the Bulletin Board spotlight!

Tyler Brown and Tyrell Fridie (FutureDDS) present ADEA Keynote

FutureDDS recently had the opportunity to be the keynote speaker at ADEA’s 2019 GoDental Fair. “It was great being able to inform future dental students about some of the rumors we had heard before starting dental school, and then explaining to them if those rumors were true or false.” Check out the video and let us know what you think!

Check out TUSDM Commencement Pictures!

Day dreaming about graduating from TUSDM? Need some realistic visuals? Check out the photos from this year’s commencement.

How to View the Photos:

1)      Go to:

2)      Click “View Photos” (blue box on the right of the page)

3)      Click on the Link that states “2019 Commencement”

4)      Once you click on the link, you’ll be directed to Box. You can sign in and will see the pics

New Student Geriatric Club Starting!

Dr. Karin Arsenault is looking for dental students to work with her to start a geriatric club. Spend time volunteering with diverse groups of older adults in the Boston area. Gains knowledge and skills to engage with the elderly. Learn about the complexities of aging and the multifactorial challenges to accessing oral health care for this vulnerable population.

  • Teach the importance of good oral self-care in maintain good general health in assisted living facilities and senior centers
  • Experience a “Memory Café”, a place that welcomes people with different stages of dementia and their caregivers.
  • Write articles for the Senior Age Strong City of Boston magazine
  • Design print material, flyers, pamphlets, and poster boards

You will benefit as much as they do! To get involved:

Scenes from Pride Day 2019

The annual Boston Pride Parade took place this past weekend, with a central theme of Looking Back, Loving Forward. The parade combined the recognition of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising with a hopeful message of love and strength, as many rights still require conquest. Many members of the Tufts community joined together in the march. Enjoy more pictures by clicking below!

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