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Special Tisch College Bulletin – 2018 Midterms

Exclusive Analysis: Youth Turnout Rate Way Up in the 2018 Midterm Elections

An analysis of young people’s voter turnout by Tisch College’s Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning & Engagement (CIRCLE) found that 31% of youth cast a ballot in this month’s midterm elections—a substantial increase over the 21% turnout rate in 2014, and the highest in at least 25 years.

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Watch Out, 2020:
Young Voters are on the Rise

“This is a sea change in political engagement,” says our Dean Alan Solomont in this special feature from the Christian Science Monitor reported in part from the Tufts campus. The article cites our youth voting data, quotes our research and JumboVote leaders, and shares insights from Tufts student leaders.

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CIRCLE Research Explores Various Aspects of Youth Participation in 2018

Tisch College’s CIRCLE team continues to share insightful research on youth voting. Read about young people’s historic support for Democratic House candidates, about the role youth of color played in Texas and Georgia, and about how social media shaped youth electoral engagement in 2018.

Explore Tisch College’s CIRCLE’s 2018 Election Center

Post-Election Commentary from
CIRCLE Senior Researcher

In a Facebook Live chat two days after the election, Tisch College’s CIRCLE Senior Researcher Rey Junco joined Tufts Republicans President George Behrakis to share some of our exclusive research, to discuss the election results, and to talk about what it all means for the future of American politics.

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More Tisch College Election
Research in the News

Throughout this month, our youth voting data, analysis, and commentary have been featured in outlets like MSNBCThe ConversationNBC NewsThe Boston HeraldTeen Vogue, and many others. It also appeared in an Associated Press story reprinted by hundreds of publications, including The Washington Post and The New York Times.


Save The Date:
November 27 is Giving Tuesday!

We’re proud of our ongoing work to study and promote the civic and political participation of young people—in elections and beyond. As Giving Tuesday approaches, we hope you’ll consider supporting this and all of our work as we strive to create a new generation of leaders ready to strengthen our democracy.

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DAV 5K Participation was a Success!

On November 10th at Castle Island, students and faculty from TUSDM gathered to run the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) 5K!
Brent Mullen (D20) reflects: “The DAV 5K turned out to be a success! We endured some rainy and windy weather but we stuck together as a team and motivated each other to finish with smiles on our faces! And most importantly, our team’s participation benefited the Disabled American Veterans who play an important role in making sure service members are able to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity.”

SNDA Volunteers with YES!

On Tuesday November 6th, SNDA members Tiara Felder, Jonathan Candido, Gabriel Thomas, Marsha Robinson, and Heather Smith did a career workshop for students in middle/high school at Youth Enrichment Services (YES), a nonprofit dedicated to serving low income Boston youth in Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan.

Heather Smith (D20) reflects: “We talked about what a career in dentistry involved, made dental impressions, and played dental jeopardy. It was great to get to know their aspirations and get them excited about dentistry as a career option!”

AADMD Highlights World Kindness Day

AADMD is highlighting World Kindness Day on this Tuesday, November 13. World Kindness Day was introduced in 1988 and meant to highlight good deeds in the community and focus on the power of positive power to bring us together. Dental school can be very challenging and overwhelming but AADMD wants to remind everyone to take a moment to appreciate peers, faculty and staff’s kindness towards you and also ask you to offer something kind to something else. Ask yourself the question, “What does kindness mean to you?” If you are interested in learning more about the holiday, check out this video by the World Kindness Movement to see what kindness means to different people all over the world.


Tisch College Research Informs Conversation on Youth Voting Ahead of Midterms 

A recent feature from Tufts Magazine highlights how research and scholarship from Tisch College’s Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE), and Institute for Democracy & Higher Education (IDHE), have been shaping youth voter engagement efforts across the country.

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Exclusive CIRCLE Poll on Youth Engagement in the 2018 Elections
An exclusive pre-election poll of youth (ages 18-24) from our researchers found that 34% of young people say they’re “extremely likely” to vote tomorrow—an unusually high figure for a midterm cycle. Our research also finds that young people are three times more likely to protest than in 2016, and that 80% of them believe their generation has the power to create change.

Read more at CIRCLE’s 2018 Election Center

Bill McKibben: The Way to Save the Planet

As part of the Tisch College Distinguished Speaker Series, we recently hosted renowned environmental leader Bill McKibben for a conversation about activism, global warming, and what we can all do to advance the fight for climate justice. His advice: to be less of an individual and more of a citizen, joining with others in movements that can affect large-scale policy change.

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Terry McAuliffe: Fighting for Principles

Former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, a recent guest of the Tisch College Distinguished Speaker Series, spoke with the Tufts community about his career in politics, his accomplishments as governor of a politically diverse state, and the state of American politics. He also encouraged young people to serve, vote, and engage in democracy.

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Tisch College Speakers Talk Guns, Trauma, and Healing at Recent Events

This month we were pleased to host other outstanding guest speakers for conversations on some of the most pressing issues in our communities. Reverend Liz Walker and Dr. John Rich discussed their approaches to addressing trauma in communities of color, while visiting instructor Steve Israel and alumna Sarah Ullman, spoke about efforts to combat gun violence.

Join us for Upcoming Events
We’re excited to welcome exceptional leaders to campus in the coming weeks. Join us on:
– November 15: Republican Strategist Ana Navarro
– November 27: Microfinance pioneer Vikram Akula
– November 28: Former Secretary of State John Kerry
– December 3: Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey

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AAPD Volunteers with Room to Grow!

Pictured (from left to right): BACK ROW: Samatha Guan (D21), David Alpert (D21), Samatha Sauers (D20), Allie Penta (D21), and Lauren Lubowitz (D21)
FRONT ROW: Simran Kaur (D20), Kaitlyn O’Connell (D21) and Sophia Heitsmiller (D21)

On October 30, AAPD volunteered with Room To Grow. The organization serves families from just before their child’s birth through age 3. They provide high-quality material items (like clothes, books and toys), individualized parenting education, and specialized referrals to community resources to ensure a healthy and secure start to the child’s life. The AAPD team helped to sort through donated clothing, supplies and books.

Volunteer Sophie Heitsmiller (D21) reflects: “With a group of nine people, we were able to organize an entire room of donations within a few hours. It’s was rewarding to see how teamwork can help a non profit organization that will help mothers and children in need.”

Everyone had a great time and look forward to working with this amazing organization again in the future!

AADMD’s outreach to students with special healthcare needs

On November 2, two members of AADMD, Lauren Lubowitz (D21) and Pranali Vyas (D21), worked with Professor Dolan at the Joseph Lee School in Dorchester to help give oral health screenings to students with special healthcare needs. The Joesph Lee School features a specialized program for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Professor Dolan, Lauren and Pranali saw 5 patients and provided oral hygiene instruction, fluoride varnish, extra oral and intra oral exams and made referrals to Tufts Dental for treatment!

ASDA Wellness Week panel: ‘Hit the Reset Button on Stress’

This past week, ASDA Health and Wellness partnered with Tufts Student Advising Committee for their Wellness Week.  Albert Kim (D’20) and Nikki Trone (D’21) represented both ASDA Health and Wellness and TUSDM on the panel, “Hit the Reset Button on Stress”.   Representatives from the Medical School and the MPH program also sat on the panel. Great advice for handling the stressors in professional school and life were provided including focus on self-care, the perks of organization, various study tips, and more.

Also special thank you to Adwoa Baidoo (D’21) who is a member of both the ASDA Health and Wellness Committee and Tufts Student Advising Committee for making this event possible.

PERU Clothing Drive

Take a moment to look through your closets this weekend for any clothes or school items that you may not want anymore! We will be collecting men, women, and children’s clothing, winter coats & accessories, shoes/boots, blankets, backpacks, socks, and any school supplies (pencils/pens/notebooks/etc.) as part of Tufts’ GSL Peru trip. We will directly be distributing the items to the local villages there.
There are donation boxes set up in the 7th floor student lounge, 15th floor, and on the 4th floor of Sackler Library. We will be collecting from Oct. 29th to Nov. 2nd.
Anything will be much appreciated!

DC Says Thank You & Bon Voyage, D20 Cindy Park…And Welcome D22 Nehal Shah!

Each year in the Fall, DC reluctantly says goodbye to our third year staff, in order to give him or her the time to focus on their clinical work. So it is with a heavy heart that we offer a big round of appreciation for all D20 Cindy Se Park has brought to DC—creativity,  commitment, attention to details…and a great laugh!  Although we love Cindy, we know we must let her focus her magical powers to her clinical work (…well, not all her powers—she will still be working her magic TUSDM’s Global Service work!)  Thanks for everything Cindy!

“It has been an incredible 2 years working on the Dental Central staff team. I had the privilege to not only feel like I belonged to all of the 43 student organizations here at TUSDM, but also to firsthand witness all of the awe-inspiring, meaningful, and empowering opportunities run by students and faculty. I want to thank all of the current/previous DC team members, Tisch College, TUSDM and Nancy Marks for this invaluable experience. Dental Central will always have a special place in my heart (:” – Cindy Park.

At the same time, DC is so fortunate to have found D22 Nehal Shah to join our team.
Nehal will be working closely with DC’s other rock star staff, D21 Pranali Vyas!

Nehal Shah is a California native who has just started his journey here at TUSDM. As the first year staff member for Dental Central, he will be responsible for helping keep the DC website content up-to-date by creating weekly posts, maintaining the events calendar, and helping with general website maintenance, hoping to keep the TUSDM community as informed as possible. As a new and fresh pair of eyes on staff, we are confident Nehal will be a great addition in helping continue growing Dental Central and push its goals further.

Outside of dental school, Nehal enjoys traveling, cooking, and is a photography enthusiast. He also brings with him relevant experience; for years now, Nehal has had his own wedding photography business, SHAHRP Studios, traveling nationwide to capture events. His background in the art of photography and graphic designing will be a great asset in his position on the DC staff. We are excited to have Nehal on board!