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Attention Student Group Leaders: 2019 Bulletin Board Sign Up are open!

The Dental Central bulletin boards on the 7th floor are available to highlight student group’s voice, vision and activities! Use photos and narratives—its a great way to highlight your goals and is a great way to inspire students to get involved.  Show your community service activities…or provide education on an issue important to the TUSDM community. Some groups pick a month that has particular significance to the meaning of their club (i.e. LGBTQA often chooses May in advance of Gay Pride; AAWD often chooses March – the month of International Women’s Day.)

Reserve a Bulletin Board on the 7th floor near Merritt and the Student Lounge: Check out this link to sign up your student organization and get a month of the Bulletin Board spotlight!

Tyler Brown and Tyrell Fridie (FutureDDS) present ADEA Keynote

FutureDDS recently had the opportunity to be the keynote speaker at ADEA’s 2019 GoDental Fair. “It was great being able to inform future dental students about some of the rumors we had heard before starting dental school, and then explaining to them if those rumors were true or false.” Check out the video and let us know what you think!

Check out TUSDM Commencement Pictures!

Day dreaming about graduating from TUSDM? Need some realistic visuals? Check out the photos from this year’s commencement.

How to View the Photos:

1)      Go to:

2)      Click “View Photos” (blue box on the right of the page)

3)      Click on the Link that states “2019 Commencement”

4)      Once you click on the link, you’ll be directed to Box. You can sign in and will see the pics

New Student Geriatric Club Starting!

Dr. Karin Arsenault is looking for dental students to work with her to start a geriatric club. Spend time volunteering with diverse groups of older adults in the Boston area. Gains knowledge and skills to engage with the elderly. Learn about the complexities of aging and the multifactorial challenges to accessing oral health care for this vulnerable population.

  • Teach the importance of good oral self-care in maintain good general health in assisted living facilities and senior centers
  • Experience a “Memory Café”, a place that welcomes people with different stages of dementia and their caregivers.
  • Write articles for the Senior Age Strong City of Boston magazine
  • Design print material, flyers, pamphlets, and poster boards

You will benefit as much as they do! To get involved:

Scenes from Pride Day 2019

The annual Boston Pride Parade took place this past weekend, with a central theme of Looking Back, Loving Forward. The parade combined the recognition of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising with a hopeful message of love and strength, as many rights still require conquest. Many members of the Tufts community joined together in the march. Enjoy more pictures by clicking below!

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Light A Candle for Zambia

“We are not here to curse the darkness, but to light the candle that can guide us thru that darkness to a safe and sane future.”- John F. Kennedy

This July, the Tisch Summer Fellows Program in collaboration with TUSDM will support five Tufts Dental Students on an exciting service learning project to support oral health service delivery and infrastructure in Zambia, Africa! In efforts to raise awareness and funding for the project, the team is selling soy candles. Any donations raised by the Tufts Team will directly benefit the project and will be used towards supporting oral health for people in Zambia that are in desperate need of oral care

The highly scented soy candle is in a cute hexagon jar. Features include an awesome eco wick (no metal/zinc and not paraffin coated). Candles are made and hand poured with high quality ingredients and love (:


Scenes from Fresh Art!

If you haven’t seen them already, opertatories throughout the clinics have been decorated with printed art collected from out TUSDM community members. Check out the Hanging crew for Fresh Art at work! 

Hold the date for a champagne reception!
Friday June 7, 4:30-5:30pm
Toast in 2nd floor reception and then tour of the floors. All welcome! 

AAPHD Policy Fact of the Week

Families USA and the DentaQuest Partnership released a new resource, Addressing Rural Seniors’ Unmet Needs for Oral Health Care.

Residents in rural America face major difficulties in access, coverage, and geography that limit their ability to obtain good oral health care. This is especially true for the rural elderly, whose oral health is often worse than that of the rest of the nation. Luckily, there are potential policy solutions that address these barriers and, in some cases, pending legislation that could help.

For more detailed information, please read the Health Affairs blog post.

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ASDA, ADEA, and Admissions Host Pre-Dental Day!

Tufts ASDA, Tuft ADEA and the TUSDM office of admissions hosted the annual Pre-Dental day at Tufts on Sunday April 28th. Pre-dental day is a full day event where those interested in the dental field are able to expand their knowledge about what lies ahead on the dental career path.

During the day students were provided with information about the application process, given an admissions presentation by our very own Gillian Anzivino, learn about life in dental school, and engage in pre-clinical laboratory activities such as wax-ups and composite. In addition, attendees were able to take part in smaller break out sessions, where they got to ask student panels about application building, DAT prep, life at Tufts, and mock interviews. Visitors were able to interact with students throughout the day and get to see the Tufts Dental facilities up close. It was a successful event with over 70 pre-dental visitors, and both volunteers and attendees had an amazing time together! Till next year’s event, Go Jumbos!