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AAPHD policy fact of the week

Here is this week’s AAPHD policy fact of the week:

A recent article from the Journal of Public Health dentistry titled “Broken smiles: The impact of untreated dental caries and missing anterior teeth on employment” examined the impact of routine dental visit on anterior teeth health, employment, and the benefits of expanding dental coverage for non-elderly adults.

  • Results showed that the probability of being employed was negatively associated with poor oral health.
  • This shows that physical appearance influences social interaction. Those who decayed or missing anterior teeth were from low-income households or from ethnic minorities who lacked dental insurance and access to dental care.
  • Expansion of dental care in Medicaid could positively influence the employment rate. This could also lead to overall decreased costs to emergency departments, to the state, and in the end allow more individuals to make a livable wage.

For more information, please see the article.

Fresh Art Tour: A fabulous event!

Over 60 people came down to the 2nd floor to toast the art and success of the Fresh Art Project! Participants climbed the stairs and viewed the beautiful photographs and asked when we could do this again. Dr. Hanlon thanked The Dean for his commitment to the project and Nancy Marks for making it all happen. Want to know whose art is where? 

Some have also asked which printing company was used, for their own personal photography: NE Digital. Ask for Emily and tell them you’re from Tufts!)

Bulletin Board Highlight: LGBTQA

Happy June TUSDM! As May comes to a close, we’d like to highlight the amazing bulletin board on the 7th floor by LGBTQA. Check out what Tufts Pride is up to this weekend here!

We are now beginning to fill the sign up sheet for the Bulletin Boards for the upcoming school year! Check out this link to sign up your student organization and get a month of the Bulletin Board spotlight 🙂

AAPHD Policy Fact of the Week

A recent CDC National Health Interview Survey found that a third of adults ages 65 and older had dental insurance in 2017, and the percent covered decreased with an increase in age.

Older adults living below the FPL were less likely to have dental insurance and to have visited the dentist, and more likely to have an unmet need for dental care due to cost compared with older adults living 200% above the FPL. An unmet need for dental care was defined as having a dental related problem but not being able to address it because of cost.  

This report provides evidence to support adding routine dental care to Medicare, as outlined in S.1423 Medicare and Medicaid Dental, Vision, and Hearing Benefit Act of 2019. Medicare currently does not cover routine dental care.

You can find the link to the report here:

Tufts Ruck’s Amazing accomplishment at Tough Ruck

Comprised of 40 dedicated students, staff, faculty and friends, the Tufts Ruck team raised $25,064 this year at the annual Tough Ruck held on Sunday April 14th. Only four other teams registered for the 2019 Tough Ruck raised more funds than Team Tufts Ruck!  In 2018, our novice 50-member team raised $14,470 for a combined total of $39,534 over our first two years in the Tough Ruck.

Continue reading Tufts Ruck’s Amazing accomplishment at Tough Ruck

MDS Beacon Hill Day

Beacon Hill Day is upon us (MAY 1st)! 

Dentists and students will be going to talk to our elected officials to help pass laws that will protect our profession!

Do you need to know anything about lobbying before you go? 

No! MDS will give you all the talking points and also give you a rundown of what these issue are and why they are important to us as we practice dentistry. 

What we will be talking about:

  1. Costs shifting within the delivery of Dental Care
  2. Making sure that dental benefit corporations have transparency
  3. Reforming licensure exams
  4. Anesthesia coverage for children
  5. Adults on Mass Health to obtain more benefits 

What will the day look like?

  • 8:30- 9 Registration and Check-in
  • 9- 10:45 Breakfast and Issue briefing (free meal)
  • 10:45 – 11 Walk to the State House
  • 11- 12:30 Individual meetings with Legislators
  • 12:30 – 2:30 Lunch time and Afternoon Agenda (free meal)

Is it going to be worth it?

Yes! Lobbying is fun – and that’s a fact. 

It’s not too late to register! Come to the Hill and see how you can make a difference.

I hope to see you there! Please reach out to me with any questions!

D19s’ Gabby Lieberman and Anne Marie Vu receive Presidential Award!

Congrats to Gabby Lieberman (D19) and Anne Marie Vu (D19) for being awarded the Presidential Award for Civic Life. This prestigious awards recognize students from across the University for outstanding achievement in community service and civic leadership during their time at Tufts. Pictured below are Nancy Marks, Prof. Irina Dragan, Gabby, Taylor, Anne Marie and Anne Marie’s mother.

AAPHD Policy Fact of the Week

A Deep Dive into the Connections Between Oral and Behavioral Health”

  • Families USA and Mental Health America discuss the interaction between oral and mental health and its consequences, showing the many barriers to good oral health experienced by this population.
  • For people with mental health conditions and substance use disorders, good oral health is especially important.
  • However, with all the medications being prescribed, they often cause dry mouth, which may result in painful swelling and stomatitis, thrush, and hypersalivation, further exacerbating oral health problems.
  • The CDC estimates that over a lifetime, close to 50% of Americans will be affected by some type of behavioral health issue.
  • With such large numbers, it is time to start pursuing policies that integrates mental health and oral health into the conversation.

For more information, see the attached fact sheet by Families USA.


This issue is the second issue of the District I’s Newsletter, “Pulp Fiction.” This issue focuses on the similarities and differences between each school in the District. We have identified the ideal study spots from Connecticut to Maine, showcased our talented District I dental students, and showed you that we all go through similar everyday struggles.