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BULLETIN BOARD SPOTLIGHT: Student Affairs & Dental Central

Special welcome to the D22s! Swing by the 7th floor and check out the Student Affairs board by the mailboxes! Stop by throughout the month of August to learn more about the different student organizations available, upcoming events, and so much more!

And don’t miss the Dental Central bulletin board by the 7th floor lounge and learn about what the website has to offer: calendar, global service trip info, student orgs, new posts, social media page.

Sign-up for the 2018-2019 school year is open. Please see available dates HERE and sign up to show off your awesome student group to the TUSDM community!

Donate Blood at the Tufts Blood Drive!

WHEN: Friday, May 11th, 10 AM – 3 PM

WHERE: Sackler 114


Two-year-old Trenton “Trent” Simmons recently sustained life-threatening injuries after being bitten several times by a dog. He had several large lacerations to his trunk, a broken rib and a punctured kidney, which led to internal bleeding. He was transported by helicopter to a pediatric trauma center where he underwent a two-hour surgery to repair his kidney and suture the lacerations. To treat his blood loss, Trent received blood from an American Red Cross donor. His mom, Megan, recalled, “I had given blood several times in the past and never really gave it a second thought other than I knew I would be helping someone else. However, when it is your precious child laying there receiving blood to save his life, it puts it in a different perspective.”

Sign up today to make sure there is blood on the shelves for patients like Trent. Clickhere or visit and enter sponsor code TuftsUBos. All donors will be entered to win a $1,000 Home Depot gift card care of Suburban Propane!

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Save the Date: Annual HIV Primary Care Conference!

Join us at this multidisciplinary program on May 11, 2018 where experienced healthcare providers discuss important emerging areas of HIV medicine as they relate to today’s primary care practices. For more information, or to register visit Annual HIV Care Conference.

More info coming soon at!

AAPD Fall River Family Day Event

On October 1st, Alisha Anand (D18) and DeAndra Jones (D18) represented the Tufts American Association of Pediatric Dentistry in Fall River, MA. The students helped table at a health fair hosted by Fall River community churches by speaking to families about healthy beverage choices and playing a jeopardy game to promote oral health.

Dental Central Week 3 Trivia!

Hop on Dental Central throughout the month of August to play weekly trivia!

Every Monday, the winner for the previous week’s trivia question will be announced and a new question for the week will be posted.

All answers can be found on Dental Central, so start exploring!

One lucky D21 will win a PRIZE each week!

Week 2 Winner: Congratulations to Emerly Hsu!

This week’s question:

Who can paint a painting, give out toothbrushes for outreach programs, deepen your understanding of health disparities in Chinatown, and tell you your Saturn return? And in which department can you find this person? (This one is a challenge! Two of these hints can be found on DC and will bring you to the answer.)

Please submit your answer to

USAF Luncheon

On Wednesday, September 13th there will be a U.S. Air Force Luncheon session providing information regarding AF scholarships and opportunities. The lunch will take place in the 7th floor Becker Boardroom.

Colonel Michael Cunningham will be coming straight from the Pentagon with one of our AF Tufts alumni, Dr. Yuehang Su (D16).
The Air Force provides amazing opportunities to enrich your experience as a dentist, as well as provide Health Professional Scholarships which you may be interested in as far as reducing your debt. One thing every new dental graduate is lacking is experience. The Air Force would give you the experience, be it in a GPR, AEGD or just practicing dentistry without being concerned about overhead, personnel support, insurances etc. You would be a much more viable candidate for a civilian position after practicing AF dentistry. Being an Air Force veteran himself (as an enlisted man, general dentist and endodontist), Dr. Charles Rankin can testify what a great opportunity the USAF has presented to him. So if you’re curious in what the Air Force may be able to offer you, please send an email to for any questions and to be put on the guest list for the luncheon.

Summer time… and the livin’ is easy(or easier) (:

Check out these links for great things to—from FREE museums to outside movies. Bring a picnic, a blanket and some friends.

Nothin’ better than Boston in the summer!

FREE Museums:

FREE Movies at the Hatch Shell on the Esplanade:
Friday June 23, Sunset (~8:24 pm) – Secret Life of Pets
Friday July 14, Sunset (~8:19 pm) – Sing
Friday July 21, Sunset (~8:14 pm) – Jungle Book
Friday July 28, Sunset (~8:07 pm) – Finding Dory
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The Man Behind the Statue (Dr. Robert Buchanan D’46) celebrates his 95th (:

Dr. Robert D. Buchanan (D46) had visited TUSDM in celebration of his 95th birthday! Hopefully, some of you were able to visit and greet him with a big Jumbo Welcome and wished him a very happy birthday!!

A little bit about Dr. Buchanan……

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Alpha Omega Get Lucky Grams

Alpha Omega held their Get lucky grams 3/6-3/15/17. People were able to send anonymous notes and chocolate grams to be hand delivered to any student by the “AO leprechauns”. All proceeds of the grams fundraiser went to the Alpha Omega Holocaust Survivors Oral Health Program. The lucky grams had a great turn out and it was a creative and fun way to fundraise for a great cause.

Megan Milder (D18) reflected… “Through selling and delivering Lucky Grams at Tufts Dental, Tufts Alpha Omega was able to raise about $300 for the Alpha Omega Holocaust Survivors Oral Health Program while spreading some holiday cheer throughout the clinics. This was our first time having a fundraiser in this manner, and the success of the Lucky Grams shows that we will be able to have similar fundraisers in the future.”

Three Beautiful Human Minutes

“It’s easy to put people in boxes. There’s us, and there’s them”… At a time when basic human values of equality and freedom are being called into question on the global stage, it’s refreshing to see some counterpush.

The video shows a group of diverse people who discover that, beneath the surface, they have more in common with each other than what their outward appearances might suggest. Here at TUSDM, we embrace diversity in all of its dimensions, and this video speaks powerfully on behalf of our community. Maybe there truly is more that brings us together than we think.