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D22’s Volunteer Experience with Kelleher Rose Garden

On Tuesday 8/20, members of the D22 class enjoyed the Boston summer weather by volunteering at the Kelleher Rose Garden. Janki Shingala, James Cruz, Brock Riedel, Adi Smith, Ankita Kesar, and Carolina Velez participated in the conservation of the garden located in the Back Bay Fens.

James Cruz reflects: “I’m always open to spending time with classmates and friends, and this event was one of the most wholesome ways you can do that. This garden is something the whole city can enjoy, and it’s a good feeling, knowing that the D22 class contributed to it.”

Adi Smith adds: “I had a great time getting out into the community while hanging out with my classmates.”

Tufts ASDA Fever Month

This will be a fun-filled month to get acquainted to what ASDA is all about! It will be complete with food, raffle prizes, and a chance to talk with many members of our awesome ASDA e-board to learn more about the organization, how you can get involved, and what ASDA can do for you throughout your time at Tufts! 

Social Week (8/5-8/10)

  • Raffle Prize Everyday by social media challenges
  • Tabling outside of 7th floor student lounge (8/5-8/6)
  • Social at Howl at the Moon 6-11pm (8/9)a

Community Service Week (8/12-8/17)

  • Cards for a Cause (8/15: 4-5pm)
  • Tabling: SSC, Hale House, NECHV (8/12-8/14)
  • Farmer’s Market/Garden Mixer

Advocacy Week (8/19-8/24)

  • Advocacy Games (8/22)

Wellness Week (8/26-8/31)

  • Yogurt Parfait Night
  • Wellness Event TBD
  • Table Box/Locker Organization (8/26)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Airy Choi (

Smile Squad Engages with Children at Healthy Kids Festival

Tufts Dental students had the opportunity to set up a table representing Smile Squad at the Boston Childrens Museum’s Healthy Kids Festival.

Mehtab Manji (D22) reflects: “We had a great turn out of volunteers who were engaging the kids into oral health topics using fun activities. The kids had a great time brushing the puppets’ teeth and flossing out play dough from between blocks. I loved how we got to interact with each kid individually and modify our activities depending on their age. At the end, each kid got a goody bag with a toothbrush and toothpaste which made their experience even more enjoyable. Can’t wait to go back next year!”

Smile Squad Visits the Boston Public School

On February 26th three volunteers from Smile Squad visited the Boston Public School and gave oral hygiene instructions to kids ages 3-7 years.

Sara Alterman (D20) reflects on her experience volunteering; “We gave a live demo on proper brushing and flossing techniques using a puppet and then let the kids try it out for themselves. They loved the chance to be hands on with the puppet and it was a great way to give them feedback on their brushing techniques. At the end of the day we gave the children their own toothbrush and toothpaste to take home with them so they can keep up the good habits we taught them. The children and I both had a lot of fun and I would definitely volunteer with Smile Squad again in the future!”

SNDA Holds Dental Workshop at Youth Enrichment Services Academy

SNDA members Tiara Felder, Gabriel Thomas, and Heather Smith had a lot of fun returning to Youth Enrichment Services (YES) Academy, a youth development and leadership program for Boston teens, for a dental career workshop. They took alginate impressions on typodonts, played dental jeopardy, and talked to them about a career in dentistry.

Heather Smith (D20) reflects: “The kids were really enthusiastic about wanting to know more about dentistry, and expressed that they took a lot of positive things away from the workshop. Many of the children reflected that prior to the workshop they did not know about all of the recognized specialties and different aspects of dentistry.”

OHI at First Korean Church in Cambridge

Loaves and Fishes Meals Program, sponsored by the First Korean Church in Cambridge, serves hot restaurant-style buffet to the homeless, retirees, and members of the community weekly. A large volunteer staff consisting of members of the First Korean Church and outside organizations help to prepare, cook, and serve the food and clean up afterwards. Korean American Dental Association (KADA) members Urim Kang (D19), Cindy Park (D20), Jaeseong Park (D20), Joohee Park (D20), and Stephen Kwon (D20) were given the opportunity to serve along with 28 other volunteers.

Stephen Kwon (D20) reflects: “We assisted in preparing for the meal, then set up a small booth to provide oral hygiene instructions and hand out toothbrushes and toothpastes. More than 100 attendees visited our booth, many who were unacquainted with proper dental care. It was exciting and rewarding for us to engage with members of our community and guide them into developing good oral habits. We look forward to returning in the future!”

Oral Health Promotions Debate: Water Fluoridation

On Wednesday March 27th, the D22 Oral Health Promotions class had a Community Water Fluoridation Debate. The guest speaker, Dr. Myron Allukian, who is the former Director of Oral Health for the Boston Public Health Commission, spoke on how to properly conduct a civil community debate and the importance of community advocacy supporting public water fluoridation. During the debate, many of the students played entertaining characters as they presented their cases. A group of participants supporting water fluoridation played as characters from the television show “Parks and Recreations”. There was also a guest appearance by Dr. Palmar who portrayed a very concerned citizen and “auntie” passionately against water fluoridation within her community.

9 Highlights from a Veterinary Dentist and How Human Dentists Can Make a Difference

On March 13, 2019, Students for Interprofessional Practice and Education (SIPE) hosted a presentation about Veterinary Dentistry. The presentation was given by Dr. William Rosenblad, DVM, Professor of Veterinary Medicine at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. Over fifty students attended the presentation that discussed the similarities and differences between animal and human dentistry/oral health. Below are some of the highlights from the presentation.

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HDA volunteers at East Boston Community!

On January 12th, Hispanic Dental Association (HDA) students (Daniela Rendon, David Garcia, Kristina Caravelli, Luke Devaney, Mercedes Wert, Orestes Riera, Sara Bustos, Vanessa Diaz, and co-faculty Dr. Forero) volunteered at the East Boston Community by promoting oral health care to children. 

Mercedes Wert (D21) reflects: “This past Saturday, a group of us had the amazing opportunity to volunteer at HDA’s East Boston event to help teach children about proper oral hygiene and the importance of visiting the dentist. It was a fun-filled morning full of activities that tested the children’s dental knowledge and let them demonstrate how they brushed the furry green dinosaur’s giant teeth! It was such a rewarding experience to see how engaged and excited about learning all things dental-related they became and to see them all leave with big smiles on their faces and new toothbrushes in their hands!” 

Academy of Sports Dentistry Meeting!

New to the TUSDM student orgs, the Academy of Sports Dentistry will be hosting their first general body meeting on Tuesday, January 15th at 12 PM in Rachel’s Auditorium. Come learn more about the exciting workshops, social events, and sports dentistry related guests they have planned for the semester! Refreshments will be provided.