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SJA: March for Science

Left to right D18s: Kevin Campbell, Spencer Nice, Mikenah Vega, Andrew Lum.

A group of our TUSDM students with Social Justice Alliance participated in the March for Science which took place on Saturday, April 22 in the Boston Common. The march celebrated the diverse array of scientific research occurring in Boston and also promoted evidence based practices, education, literacy, funding, and communication.

Spencer Nice (D18) reflects:
“Social justice and science play important roles in everything we do, especially in dentistry. Science allows us to see the world as it is, and shows us where injustices exist. While attending the March for Science, I came into a discussion about how science is a field where we search for the best equitable and just practices. It allows us to set aside our preconceived notions and stop judging; to take a better look at what is actually occurring. Continue reading SJA: March for Science

Smile squad Highlights!

Smile squad volunteers gathered to celebrate their community service this past year, as well as to welcome next year’s e-board members. Students from all classes were present to enjoy lunch and brainstorm ideas to grow the club in the upcoming school year.

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DC bulletin board spotlight: HANCO!

Be sure to stop by and check out our updated 7th floor DC Bulletin Board by Merritt that Head and Neck Cancer Organization (HANCO) has taken over! April is oral cancer awareness month, and they have provided the latest updates on event highlights, upcoming opportunities, and other information pertaining to their vision and mission. The student organization aims to better educate students and members of the community on how to recognize the signs and symptoms of head and neck cancer through various educational and community service opportunities (:


HPSP luncheon

The Student military Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) organization had three luncheons this week. On Tuesday, the US Army had three of its active duty members discuss and describe life in the Army as a US Army dental officer. On Wednesday, the US Navy sponsored an appearance by LCDR Bracken Godfrey, the dental officer in charge of the Naval station in Portsmouth, NH; a submarine base. Dr. Godfrey was able to describe, on a personal level, his 10 years in the Navy and his role in keeping our sailors ready for 6 month tours under the ocean. On Thursday, the United States Air Force sponsored an appearance of two AF support personnel; an AF dental hygienist with expanded duties and an AF laboratory technician who operates the only AF dental laboratory in New England. Both of these young people were very impressive reminding our students to always treat nicely the person who packs your parachute.

Our big event is our HPSP Senior Night which is scheduled for May 3, 2017. That evening we will be honoring our graduating seniors who are just beginning their military service.

AAWD Brunch w/ Tufts, BU, & Harvard Dental Recap

On Sunday, March 26th, students and faculty from Tufts, BU and Harvard Dental came together for their first ever tri-school AAWD Brunch. Thank you to BU for hosting and to the five outstanding ‘Call to Leadership’ panelists, Dr. Andrea Richman, Dr. Ronni Schnell, Dr. Mina Paul, Dr. Janis Broadbent Moriarty and Dr. Peach Dore-Tyrell for coming to school on a Sunday and inspiring students and peers with your stories.

Thank you to all mentors, faculty and students who came out to brunch and sending a special shout-out to GSDM Dean of Students, Dr. Joseph Calabrese, who came out to support AAWD too!

NEW Social Justice Alliance (SJA) Open to All at TUSDM!

In January, our U.S. government announced a travel ban prohibiting people from 7 predominately Muslim countries from entering the U.S.A. I was not directly affected, but I felt the pain of discrimination set forth on marginalized members of our nation. I refused to sit back and watch a grave injustice take place.

I then took to the streets, and invited anyone else who wanted to join. While protesting, my fellow D18 classmates Sarah Chung, Samantha Ward, and I agreed it was time for TUSDM to have an organization that allowed our institution to explore and provide education on complex topics such as race, sexuality, politics, and religion. We are lucky to have a diverse institution, but with that comes the responsibility to provide the proper support needed to maintain an inclusive environment.

With the support and guidance of Dean Kasberg, Karen Alexander, Dr. Alan Epstein, Kathryn Dolan, and Nancy Marks, we are now able to present the Social Justice Alliance. Our founding executive board members are:

  • D18s: Mikenah Vega, Spencer Nice, Samantha Ward, and Carly Martin
  • D19: Britney Pulliam
  • D20: Matthew Downes

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