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MA Joint committee Public Hearing Testimony by Alec Eidelman (D18)

On Tuesday, September 12th, there was a hearing on “Food and Nutrition: Oral Health by the Massachusetts Joint Committee.  More specifically, there was a hearing regarding legislation to enact mid-level dental providers for the commonwealth of Massachusetts. Alec Eidelman (D18) who is a DMD, MPH Dual degree candidate had participated testifying against Bill S. 1169, and FOR H. 2820/S. 142. Check out Alec’s written testimony BELOW….

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Smile Squad Oak Fair Reflection by Stephanie Alvarez (D20) & Simran Kaur (D20)

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This past Saturday, September 23rd, Smile Squad participated at the annual Oak Fair in Chinatown. The children and families were very excited to see us there again. It was great to interact with them despite their language barriers. Most were eager to show us how they brush and floss their teeth regularly while others were a bit shy at first but with the help of their parents as translators we were able to better interact with them. They enjoyed using the different puppets and toothbrushes we had available for demonstrational purposes. The event was a great turn out. Each child had a different skill level when it came to brushing and flossing. It was rewarding to see them eager to practice and improve their habits. They enjoyed getting new toothbrushes, toothpaste, and stickers.

Stephanie Alvarez (D20) and Simran Kaur (D20) reflects….

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Smile Squad: Back to School Jam at Mission Hill

On August 24th, Tufts Smile Squad participated the “Back to School Jam at Mission Hill”. There were approximately 7-10 student volunteers along with a faculty member of the TUSDM. They provided oral hygiene instructions to 100+ kids (K-8) at the elementary school.

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Women in Leadership Initiative event reflection by Grace Kim (D19)

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On the evening of August 15th, a D21 Women in Leadership Initiative event was hosted. Dean Thomas, Dean Hanlon, Nancy Marks (Community Service Coordinator), Jacqueline Liu (D19)/ (Lead Event Organizer), D19 Panel (Grace Kim, Zamone Sawyer, Melody Chou, Nari Park), and D19/D20 volunteers all joined in welcoming attendees, affirming the high regard and support for the women of TUSDM. Participants were encouraged to feel empowered and supported by faculty and staff to pursue personal aspirations, and know there is every wish for women in each student class to experience encouragement in their endeavors.

It was gratifying to see the large number of D21s who attended this leadership event, as well as the significant number of D19 and D20 volunteers who helped in the planning and facilitating of table discussions. The event was aspirational and had all the elements for individual enlightenment, skill building and community building!

Grace Kim (D19), who was on the student panel, reflected, “I am thankful for TUSDM to facilitate the Women in Leadership event to encourage, empower, and cultivate female leaders in the community.  It was encouraging to see and meet other students who are willing to serve and be leaders in the community. It was empowering to hear about the panelists’ journey through dental school and how they are paving the way for female leadership.”

Women in Leadership Initiative reflection by Kristin Bradley (D20)

This past Tuesday, the Women in Leadership Initiative held its annual dinner event to welcome the members of the D21 class. After opening remarks by Dean Thomas and Dean Hanlon, the D19 panel provided both information and inspiration to the attendees. It was a privilege to be in the room as Melody Chou, Nari Park, Zamone Sawyer, and Grace Kim (D19s, pictured left to right) all shared their paths to leadership, as well as obstacles and accomplishments at TUSDM.

After the panel, the first year students and upperclassmen were able to participate in thoughtful, engaging round-table discussions over dinner. Each table reflected on the panel and touched on topics such as the abundance of opportunities available at TUSDM and the ways to balance leadership with other obligations. It was motivating to hear the variety of perspectives shared by all of the students gathered. The night was topped off by a lively time for networking over dessert, allowing one-on-one connections to be made.

Many thanks to Dean Thomas, Dean Hanlon, and Karen Alexander for their support; and to the Women in Leadership committee, Nancy Marks, and Jackie Liu (D19) for putting the event together!

Reflection by: Kristin Bradley (D20)

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National Nite Out reflection by Anne Marie Vu (D19)

The TUSDM Dept of Public Health participated on National Nite Out on August 1st. They partnered with the Boston Chinatown community to promote oral health.

Anne Marie Vu (D19) reflects, “This volunteer event was a great way to delve into the Chinatown community. I learned how important knowing different languages is, as only one of our volunteers spoke Cantonese, and she was the most valuable member in terms of communicating with the older Chinese visitors at the events. It was humorous to speak of one of the older ladies at the event, though, as we somehow understood each other as she spoke to me in Chinese and I spoke to her in English. I’m pretty sure we did not catch a single word we were saying, but our body language and expressions were enough to bring out a few laughs. I also learned that elderly Chinese adults are very persistent in obtaining free toothbrushes and toothpaste–for next year, I would like to find a better way to give out the materials, because as much as we tried to pace ourselves, we ran out very quickly. My participation impacted me personally because I saw how vibrant the Chinatown community was and how much we have to offer them, yet how hard it is to connect with the language barrier. I hope we can have more events between our school and this population. Additionally, growing up as an American-Asian, I was reminded of my own family members when I interacted with the community members.”

MDS/ASDA luncheon reflection by Airy Choi (D20)

On Monday, July 31st, MDS (Massachusetts Dental Society) and Tuft’s ASDA (American Student Dental Association) welcomed the incoming D’21 class with lunch and these awesome shades to kick off the new school year. David Lustbader, MDS President; Dean Mary-Jane Hanlon, MDS Trustee and interim associate dean of clinical affairs; and Agatha Kao, D18 ASDA Class Representative led the discussion and introduced them to the importance of their involvement in organized dentistry through MDS and ASDA. Organized dentistry allows our voices to be heard, and it advocates for the future of our profession and oral health of our patients.

Reflection written by Airy Choi (D20)

AO Tooth Day @ Fenway reflection by Jordan Siegel (D18)

On July 18th, 2017 Alpha Omega participated in the annual Tooth Day at Fenway. The night begun with several members and faculty mentors promoting oral health awareness and performing oral cancer screenings to fans. Then the rest of the night was spent watching the Red Sox game against the Toronto Blue jays (:

“Tooth day is a successful event every year! It’s a great opportunity to reach out to a local community and raise oral health awareness and also promote Tufts Dental School. We all felt that many of the vendors working at the game not only anticipate the event each year now but are very grateful for the screenings and toothbrushes/pastes. We got many thanks from potential new patients, and one vendor even brought us over food as a thank you!
Participants:Megan Milder (D18), Jordan Siegel (D18), Lauren Trager (D18), Dr. Paul Trombley, and Dr. Tanya Wright

Reflected by: Jordan Siegel (D18)

1 year ago today… Mini Medical School at Boston MOS (Dr. Ing)

About 1 year ago from today, Dr. Ing shared her summer fun activity at Boston Museum of Science. She had started working with the museum since her days as a dental student at Tufts. When she was asked to participate in “Mini Medical School Day” she presented fun and interactive activities with the help of students and faculty members. The event provided a learning environment that promoted interest in health care like medicine and dentistry.

Check out her reflection HERE

Whether you travel to faraway places or stay close to home, we want to see what you’re up to! Share your summer activities on Instagram and tag #dentalcentral & #tusdm (:

AADMD at Special Olympics Special Smiles MA

On June 10, 2017, members of the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry (AADMD) participated in Special Olympics Special Smiles MA. Almost 40 representatives from TUSDM provided the amazing athletes with oral screenings and OHI, mouth guards, and fluoride varnish. Athletes visited the Special Smiles stations in the hockey arena and enjoyed food and games outdoors in between their sporting events.

Gabrielle Lieberman (D19) shares her experience:

“I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Special Olympics: Special Smiles through AADMD. It was an enriching experience. Alongside other dental students, I was involved with oral health screenings and recording any findings. It was an exciting and enjoyable day and it was such a privilege to work with the athletes. The look on the kids’ faces when they would explain to you either the sport they competed in or when showing off their medals they won was pure joy. Working and interacting with athletes with special needs was good practice in building interpersonal skills. The team effort amongst the dental students in working with the special needs population built a network that we can continue to develop throughout our careers.”

To learn more about this and many other community service opportunities that AADMD offers, join the Facebook group and e-mail to be added to the e-mail list.