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Leadership Succession Lunch & Learn REFLECTION

On Tuesday, March 7th Lunch & Learn session was held on supporting the successful transition from seasoned student group leaders to those up-and coming and/or newly elected leaders. It was a great time spent with exchange of ideas and suggestions among various student organization leaders.

  “When all is said and done, your ability as a leader will not be only be remembered by what you achieved personally and what your organization accomplished during your tenure. You will be also be remembered by how well your organization did after you were gone. Your lasting value will be measured by your succession.”

Check out some of the reflections made by our student leaders: 

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Give Kids A Smile! Reflection by Paul Serrano (D19)

On February 4th, Give Kids A Smile was held at TUSDM, focusing on oral health screenings, oral health promotion, and oral health fairs. Around 100 students and faculty members worked together to put together this special day filled with smiles, laughter, and fun.

Paul Serrano (D19) reflects: “This was the first year that the “Give Kid A Smile” event was held at Tufts. On this day, TUSDM took part in a national community outreach initiative created by the ADA Foundation. TUSDM opened its doors to children ages 0-13 for free dental screenings, exams, and fluoride varnish treatment – all with the hope of helping young children find a permanent “dental home” at TUSDM. Oral health promotion, children educational activities, and various games with prizes also took place in Merritt Auditorium, under the guidance and supervision of student and faculty volunteers.

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AAWD Members Mentor Young STEMinistas at Science Club for Girls ‘Show Me the Science’ Event

On Saturday February 18, 2017, AAWD Tufts colleagues teamed up with Science Club for Girls to host a ‘Show Me the Science’ event at Northeastern’s International Village. Our event goals included promoting scientific inquiry, building self-confidence through hands-on experiments, and increasing literacy in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) for girls from grades kindergarten to 8th grade.

Tufts Dental students Kristin Bradley (D20), Sandy Lor (D18), Christy Collins (D18), Mindy Nguyen (D18), Annie Le (D18) and Sangita Murali (D18) enjoyed fostering excitement and confidence in STEM through their Tooth Decay experiment with the young attendees. For the experiment, we divided up into stations.

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Sangita Murali, D18 Reflects on the Women’s Summit at Yankee!

On Saturday, January 28, 2017, dentists, dental office managers and students from Tufts, UNE and BU gathered together for an engaging Women’s Summit at Yankee Dental Congress.

Dr. Kendra Remington opened up the meeting by introducing an entertaining, dynamic duo Kimberly Miles, founder of Miles in Heels Productions, and Victoria Nessen, President of NKA Marketing. Kimberley and Victoria got us out of our seats and applying effective networking strategies they shared with us on topics ranging from how to recognize and eradicate ‘verbal gremlin’s,’ how to make others feel comfortable, how to make yourself memorable, and how to insert (or politely excuse!) yourself from a conversation. All topics were compelling and applicable!  Continue reading Sangita Murali, D18 Reflects on the Women’s Summit at Yankee!

Dietetic Interns Reflect on their time at JQS

On Friday, Tufts Medical Center dietetic interns Kathryn Wilson and Sophia Ding, who are currently completing a rotation at TUSDM as part of their training, spent the day in JQES’ kindergarten classrooms giving lessons on nutrition. The lessons focused on nutrition for overall health, but also tied in elements of how nutrition affects oral health. They began the lessons by reading a story about the food groups: fruit, vegetables, dairy, protein and grains, which emphasized the importance of eating a varied diet, composed of foods from all the food groups. The students loved participating by acting out the characters in the book!

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AADMD event: Reflection by Holly Fadie (D18)

The complexities of treating patients from the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community are many, but thanks to a dynamic presentation from Dr. Amy Szarkowski, PhD members of the AADMD (American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry) Club are now armed with an abundance of knowledge and a few signs to help future patients succeed.

Over 30 members of the AADMD club attended an interactive presentation by Dr. Szarkowski on Tuesday, January 24th 2017 where she reflected on her experience at Gallaudet University, shared her knowledge of deaf culture and explored the role of health care providers in serving the Deaf and hard of hearing communities appropriately. Dr. Szarkowski is a psychologist with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program and Cochlear Implant Program at Boston Children’s Hospital and an Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

Students learned to sign greetings, dental terminology (“pain,” “open,” “dentist,” “medication”) and basic questions to engage patients that use ASL to communicate. Throughout the night they participated in a lively exchange of questions and comments about Deaf culture that will no doubt inform their future practice and patient care for the better.

Thank you Dr. Szarkowski and AADMD members for participating!

– Holly Fadie (D18)-

Smile, Share, and Care with ASDA

Tufts chapter ASDA Smile, Share, and Care program provides a regular opportunity for Tufts Dental students to stand out as leaders in the Chinatown community. With the collaboration of the Wang YMCA childcare center, our students are able to impact the lives of the children in a positive way. What to expect from us: We bring a fresh and exciting aspect of dental education to the preschoolers at Wang YMCA childcare center. We not only read to them, we also use interactive tools such as games, food, board games, and, the most fun part is, we get to wear tooth costumes and use puppets which the kids so love! I see this program as a two way system whereby the children at their tender age get a first hand education that teaches them how to care for their teeth and the students, likewise, learn to develop their interpersonal communication skills.

Written by: Soteji Adeuti (D19), Tufts ASDA Smile, Share, and Care Director