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Event: Chinatown Neighborhood Celebration this Tuesday!

If you are you a new D19 or just haven’t had time to get into Chinatown, this is a great event for you. On Tuesday, August 4 from 3:00-6:00 pm head over to Tai Tung Village, 240 Harrison Ave and join hundreds of people as they enjoy free food and entertainment! Families and friends gather to engage with the law enforcements agencies, civic groups, neighborhood organizations, neighborhood crime watch groups and local officials.

And stop by TUSDM’s Dept. of Public Health table and say hello to Pediatric PostDocs: Derek Leung, Carla Schmidl and Fahad Hegazi who will be hosting a TUSDM table with an oral health Jeopardy game and free toothbrushes and toothpaste.

After last year’s event, Boston Police Department Captain Kenneth Fong of District A-1, which covers Chinatown, commented, “It was great seeing everybody out… a lot of families, a lot of kids … it’s just really vibrant here in Chinatown. It always has been,” he said. “This is our 20th year here in Tai Tung Village celebrating National Night Out. So this is a great event every year and we hope to continue this and continue the great work that the community and the police department are doing together.”

Healthy Bodies Healthy Teeth at the Chinatown YMCA

Healthy Bodies Healthy Teeth team members Mia Harlan (D16), Amelia Albright (D16), Sibel Arditi (D16), Nick Stefanski (D16), Lauren Vargas (D17), and Tracy Tchintchin (D18) went to the YMCA for three sessions over three consecutive weeks with a group of students aged 8-12.  Week one they started a game of dental jeopardy with questions regarding healthy habits, healthy foods and how decay forms.  Week two they finished the jeopardy game and then played dental jenga.  When a jenga piece was taken out of the tower, it had a dental related question typed onto it and the student read and answered the question.  Week three was the art project session.  After a short review on healthy foods and understanding why and when to brush, the students drew pictures of either healthy or unhealthy foods.  They presented their pictures to the rest of the group and each student left with an art kit to use at home.

Check out some quotes from the Healthy Bodies Healthy Teeth team members Lauren and Tracy, who worked with the younger ager group, below!

“In three sessions, we have managed to provide a great amount of information about oral health and healthy eating to this young group of kids.  Interacting with the youth helps us learn of the messages they are receiving from the media and other sources, and gives us the chance to correct any misinformation.  They were eager to learn and very attentive.  The 5-9 year olds have expressed that they’ve enjoyed the sessions filled with storybooks, games, and art projects, and would love to have us back.  It was a deeply rewarding experience. “ – Tracy Tchintchin (D18)
“Being so busy in dental school I forget how important it is to educate the youth on the importance of oral health. It was very fulfilling to be able to teach children the benefits of good oral hygiene and healthy eating. Important lessons that were taught through playful activities.   I truly believe the lessons they learn today will be information they will hopefully use for the rest of their lives.”– Lauren Vargas (D17)

Healthy Teeth/Healthy Body Project

Healthy Teeth/Health Body Initiative off to a great start!

During the past two Friday afternoons, TUSDM students have been involved with a pilot program teaching elementary kids about tooth decay and good nutrition from the Red Oaks After School program, located in the Josiah Quincy School in Chinatown. Working with project advisors, Nancy Marks and Kathryn Dolan, the students designed and executed lesson plans that included games and activities geared towards these topics.
On Friday 4/10, Anjalee Shah (D16) and Olga Raptis (D16), along with Dental Central Rep for the project, Will Chao (D16), visited the kids to teach them about tooth decay and good oral health. The session began with Olga enthusiastically reading a book about tooth decay and visiting the dentist while Anjalee and Will helped engage the kids. Afterwards, they played a game of “Pin The Bacteria On The Tooth” which involved spinning the kids in circles and having them place magnets of bacteria onto a magnetic tooth board. The kids loved the game! For the last activity, the kids showed off their creativity with an arts and crafts project where they made their own mouths– with 10 teeth on the bottom and 10 on the top– by gluing on colored pieces of paper onto a paper plate.
The following week, Anjalee and Will returned to Josiah Quincy to teach the same students about maintaining healthy teeth and a healthy body. Anjalee read a book to the classroom while Will acted out the story with puppets. The kids then got to play a fun game where they picked a snack from a bin and placed it into another bin across the room while acting out how they thought it would make them feel if they ate it. There were kids running, skipping, and slumping around! In the end, the kids got to do another arts and crafts session where they drew in healthy food items into a body outlined on paper.
This upcoming Friday, we will return to the school to have the children make posters of what they learned. It should be a great way to reinforce some of the main themes that were emphasized during the prior visits. In the future, members of the AAPHD, Smile Squad and AAPD will be going into other afterschool classrooms  after evaluating this pilot run.
Pics from the events are attached. If you want to find out more about the project, please contact: Amy Albright, Khusbu Patel, Olga Raptis or Anjalee Shah.

Aekta Patel (D18) Reflects on ASDA’s Smile, Share and Care Program

 Volunteers for Tufts ASDA's Smile, Share, and Care program make weekly trips to the Chinatown YMCA to educate preschool-age kids on the importance of oral hygiene. Volunteers often read books, ask questions, and color with the children while highlighting correct toothbrushing and flossing techniques. The Smile, Share, and Care program's mission stems from the importance of starting children early in their lives with proper dental hygiene and oral care.

The ASDA Smile, Share, and Care Volunteering opportunity was a great way to promote dental health to a young group. I went to the YMCA with a few other dental students, where we read a book to two classrooms of preschool children. Then, we asked the children a few questions, such as 'How many teeth do children have?' Their answers varied from 1 to 50, but eventually they figured out the correct answer. Whoever got the answer got a chance to brush Flossy the Flossasaurus’ teeth, and we taught them to brush in a circular motion and clean the tongue. I volunteered twice, so I got to see how much information the children had retained from before. When we asked how many teeth children have, the children came up with the right answer right away! My favorite part about the experience was when a girl cried and hugged Jimmy Assad (one of the other volunteers) when we were about to leave."

Volunteer today! Mission Hill Health Fair, Saturday April 18th

9500c02f995541a9a1408b54d55d703aEach year TUSDM students join the Mission Hill Fair to provide dental education
for this under-served community. We are looking for 4 students to host our table from for approximately 11-3 (split shifts are fine!). And this year, students will have a range of new activities and games to use, thanks to the TUSDM creative team! To sign up, email Nancy at

Great Volunteer Opp for a group of Students!

impressMembers of the Weston Emergency Reserve Corps have reached out to TUSDM in need of dental students! They are looking for a student organization or severel students to help take impressions for their Childhood Identification Program (CHIPS). The event will take place May 2nd, 2015 in Weston, MA. It would be great if a TUSDM student group could coordinate these efforts! If interested, please contact Nancy Marks at


Event Spotlight: 6th Annual ASDA District 1 Debate

Christopher Paolino (D16) and Jordan Shapiro (D17) represented Tufts at this years' District 1 Debate.  With a crowd of over 400 people, our Tufts debaters gave a strong effort debating against the University of New England.  The event was a huge success with strong support from Tufts students, faculty and Deans.


ASDA Yankee Dental Student Guide

In order to make the most out of the Yankee Dental Student Day, Tufts ASDA has put together a guide.
Please note that some courses might show a registration cost, but they are in fact free for students. 
Student badges will be placed in mailboxes this Tuesday afternoon. 
If you have any questions, please reach out to your ASDA Class Representatives: Neil Patel (D15), Mandy Alamwala (D16), Cristina Kendall (D17), Agatha Kao (D18).


Yankee Dental Student Guide


Thank You: HDA Donates to Rosie’s Place

photoThe HDA delivered four bags full of warm clothes and toiletries to Rosie's place, thanks to donations from TUSDM members!

Rosie's Place was founded in 1974 as the first women's shelter in the United States. Their mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that helps poor and homeless women maintain their dignity, seek opportunity and find security in their lives. Today, Rosie's Place not only provides meal and shelter but also creates answers for 12,000 women a year through wide-ranging support, housing, and education services.

Event Spotlight: HDA at the St. Patrick Church Health Fair

The Student Hispanic Dental Association, in collaboration with the Massachussets Hispanic Dental Association, participated at the St. Patrick Church Health Fair on Sunday, Decemeber 7. The organization provided screenings for 42 patients, as well as oral hygiene instruction!  Check out the gallery.