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Racial Literary Workshop

Dr. Howard Stevenson, author of “Promoting Racial Literacy in Schools,” will lead this racial literacy workshop open to all students, parents, educators, and researchers. Light dinner will be served. Space for this event is limited; please RSVP to Natalya Zaika (!

Event with Zhubin Parang, Head Writer at the Daily Show

The Edward M. Kennedy Institute will welcome Zhubin Parang, Head Writer at Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, to discuss how the show is adapting and responding to the unprecedented political and media climate that the 2016 presidential election ignited.

Parang will discuss the editorial decisions The Daily Show team faces daily in creating content for their show, and explore the role that journalists and comedians play in sustaining a healthy political dialogue. Join us for a lively, free program on the unique role late-night shows and satire play in balancing comedy and reporting the news to generate a conversation on issues of national significance. If interested, RSVP here!

7th SPEA Annual Session

On October 19th to the 21st, the Student Professional and Ethics Association (SPEA) members Ian Dickinson (D19), Lauren Hagspiel (D19), Stefane Bourguignon (D20), and Jesse Huston (D19) had the opportunity to travel to Atlanta to attend the 7th SPEA Annual Session.

Ian Dickson (D19) reflects: “Members from all over the country and Canada gathered for a weekend packed with events and presentations from several incredible speakers (including Chris Salierno from The Curious Dentist Blog and ASDA White Paper author Michael C. Meru) on inter-professional teamwork, the changing demographics in dentistry, and dealing with ethical situations in corporate dentistry, to name a few. The session was a truly enriching and inspiring event and we look forward to sharing our newfound skills and experiences with all members of the Tufts community.”

SPEA Global Oral Health Talks

The Student Professionalism and Ethics Association (SPEA) is gathering next MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6th at 7:00 pm in the Dental CE Room 1415 for Global Oral Health Talks (GlOH)Come listen as our International Student friends recount the ethical situations they faced practicing as dentists in their home countries.
Don’t worry, food will be saved for you if you get out of clinic at 7:00!
Sign up here if you are hungry:

AAWD Faculty Student Potluck

On October 24, American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD) came together to enjoy their annual faculty student potluck which helped to foster relationships amongst student and faculty members of TUSDM.

Manpreet Kaur reflects: “The event allowed old and new members of the club to come together and engage in conversation while enjoying delicious food. This event wouldn’t have been a success without our wonderful faculty and we like to thank Dr. Forerro, Dr. Bordin, Dr. Wright, Dr. Alt-Holland, Dr. Shenoy, Dr. Saavedra, and Nancy Marks for coming out to support AAWD.”

If you are a faculty member at TUSDM and are interested in joining the AAWD faculty mentorship program please fill out this quick survey!

AAWD would like to give a special thanks to Nancy Epstein (D18) and everyone else that helped organize the potluck. Great Job team!
Please be on the look out for some new exciting events coming your way soon! Don’t forget to follow AAWD on Facebook and Instagram.

American Lung Association: The Fight for Air Climb

Start training today and take the stairs!
The Fight for Air Climb is a fundraiser for the American Lung Association. The Tufts Dental Team is already formed. The climb is 41 stairs at One Boston Place on February 3, 2018. Come just to watch and support the Firefighter’s competition!
Funding for student registration ($35) may be available from other student organizations.
Email: or for more information.