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Big Sister Program Meeting

Join us on Tuesday, March 6th at noon in Sackler 316 to learn more about being a Big Sister. A representative from the Big Sister program will be here to talk about both Community-Based mentoring opportunities as well as Site-based mentoring (visiting your “little” during her lunch break at the elementary, middle, or high schools right here in Chinatown). Many Tufts students have loved this program as a way to be involved in our local community! Please RSVP to


Lessons in a Lunchbox with AAPD!

On February 6th from 9AM-12PM, AAPD members along with Dr. Martha Forero, a clinical instructor in the Pediatric Department, will be heading to Josiah Quincy School for Lessons in a Lunchbox! This is a time to teach the kids about the importance of oral health and proper nutritional habits in a fun way. Volunteers will arrive at the school at 9 am (an hour prior to the presentation to have time to set up , to organize table displays and to determine the role of each of the volunteers).

The duration of the program is approximately one hour, that will include the presentation (description of the lunch box and video) distribution of the lunch boxes, and oral hygiene demonstration. At the end of the presentation we will make sure to have enough time for collection of demonstration aids (puppets, models) and Q&A from our volunteers.

If you would like more information about Lessons in a Lunchbox, check out their website:

Veterans Day Service with The Mission Continues

Members of the Academy of LDS Dentists recently teamed up with The Mission Continues on Veterans Day for a day of service at the Haynes Early Education Center in Roxbury, Massachusetts!

Brent Mullen (D20) reflects: “We spent the day organizing the library, building shelves, and cleaning up around the school. If you are interested in volunteering with the Academy of LDS Dentists at future events, contact Michael Hammon ( or Brent Mullen (”

D20’s Volunteer at St. Francis

On November 18, 2017, the class of 2020 volunteered at St. Francis church in Boston. The St. Francis church is a shelter for the homeless and those experiencing poverty. The students promoted oral health through a game board presentation for those at the church.

Robert Brookings (D20) reflects: “During our trip, we learned what needs and wants this specific local population has. We also gained insight into how we can improve these types of events in the future, and how to personalize our presentation to our audience.”

Participants: Rayna Silva, Ruby Wagimin, Vendita Correia, Anne Hefele, Phi Tran, Craig Holliday, Gloria Enjuweh, Robert Brookings.

Volunteers Needed- Massachusetts Health Council

The Massachusetts Health Council is seeking volunteers with a passion for helping kids learn better nutrition to work on a multi-faceted campaign aimed at reducing the consumption of sugary drinks! The campaign works with school administrators, teachers and local organizations to run an educational program that increases student awareness of the health harms of sugary drinks. The education program can be tailored to each school or individual classrooms using resourcessuch as guest speakers, presentations, poster contest material, drinking water contest material, stickers, etc.

Volunteers can be presenters in schools and classrooms, help design new material and resources, or help coordinate the campaign by interfacing with school administrators, teachers and others. Expenses reimbursed and possible stipend available.

Please contact Nancy Marks if you want to work on this effort.

SNDA Community Servings: Food Heals

On November 8th, Student National Dental Association (SNDA) volunteered at a Community Servings: Food Heals event in Jamaica Plain, MA. They were able to help organize meals for those in need!

Heather Smith (D20) reflects: “SNDA had a fabulous time serving at Community Servings, a not-for-profit food & nutrition program. We jammed out to music while we packaged a variety of home made meals that will be sent to families with chronic illnesses for free. It was amazing seeing how everything was organized based on the individuals dietary needs. Also, the staff was amazing!”

HANCO AC/DC Oral Cancer Screenings

On October 28th, Head and Neck Cancer Organization (HANCO) volunteered at the AC/DC Seminar in Boston  to promote oral health and head and neck cancer awareness. Daria Ameri (D19) and Aekta Patel (D18) also gave a presentation on head & cancer.

Aekta Patel (D18) reflects: “At this event, we saw again that many people are unaware of head & neck cancer, along with their overall dental health. We were able to spread awareness of dentistry, and really appreciated that the community was very receptive towards learning more about oral health.”

ASDA Hale House Volunteering

On October 14th, ASDA students came together to volunteer at Hale House in Boston. Hale House is an assisted living facility and the students were able to promote oral health care to the residents.

Micheline Moini (D18) reflects: “This event was a great experience. It was the first event of the 2017 academic year. It all started with the idea of there being a need in assisted living homes for the promotion of oral health care due to one student having her grandfather living in assisted living. That one student, went out in search for an assisted living facility close enough to Tufts Dental that was within walking distance to motivate students to participate in community service to this population. The Hale House had been a work in progress since this past February. At our first event ever, we had brought a students therapy dog to the home. Many of the residents were happy and excited to see a friendly, little, four legged furry friend! This event was a little different in that we wanted to promote oral health care. We went over some basic dental questions with a beach ball that had questions on it as we rolled the ball around. Residents were welcome to ask questions and we did our best to answer and keep the conversation flowing! Next we handed our toothbrushes and toothpaste to the residents who came and went over OHI. The students also went over brochures to educate patients about flossing and how to become a patient at the dental school if they needed a provider. One of our d19’s was able to get a patient and exchanged business cards! It is a great way to get patients and experience something outside of school. We hope to have our next event in November and will send out another email for volunteer opportunities!”

HDA Bright Smiles, Bright Futures

This past Friday, October 13th, Hispanic Dental Association (HDA) members Sandy Lopez, Lizbette Alcantara, and Stephanie Alvarez had the opportunity to participate with the Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures van in Quincy, Massachusetts to raise awareness about the importance of children’s dental health.

Stephanie Alvarez (D20) reflects: “The van was equipped to screen two children at a time and designed to be kid friendly with fun art work painted on the van and oral health cartoons playing in the background. The children were eager to see what was inside the bus and really enjoyed showing us how they brushed and flossed their teeth on the puppets. Oral health instructions were provided to children ages 3-12 and they all received an electronic tooth brush and tooth paste for participating! It was a very rewarding experience and we are looking forward to bringing the Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures van to local communities in the near future!”

HDA East Boston Community Service


On October 14th, Hispanic Dental Association (HDA) at Tufts volunteered for the East Boston Community by promoting oral health care to children.

Isabela Aguirre (D20) reflects: “It was great to come together as HDA members for this event since many of the student volunteers were fluent Spanish speakers and many of the kids in the community we helped in could not speak english. Not only were we were able to successfully teach oral health to kids, but we were able to form a connection with them with our cultural similarities.”