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SNDA Gets involved with Kids Christmas

In the spirit of giving back this holiday season, SNDA volunteered with Kids Christmas in Norwich, CT.

Soteji Adeuti (D19) Reflects: “Saw first hand on how the importance of giving back to the community leaves a magnitude impression in families in need. Government certainly can’t do it all alone without the general public. We possess the power to make so much impact in our various communities regardless of our status. Seeing the children’s faces lit up when given their Christmas gifts and later learning how to properly brush their teeth was delightful to watch. Giving back is definitely a legacy l want to be remembered by. #givingback “

Interested in getting involved at Yankee Dental this year?

D22’s, this volunteer experience qualifies for your OHP hours!

Join Tufts Dental LGBTQA in helping staff the HIV Dental Work Group Booth at the upcoming 2019 Yankee Dental Congress! You’ll be working alongside staff from the Boston Public Health Commission as well as fellow dental students from Harvard and BU to assist in collecting consumables donated each year for use in programs for persons with HIV in MA. Additionally, you will provide information packets and talk to people who stop by the booth about HIV and Dentistry. Each shift is 2-3 hours, and there are 2 volunteers from each school per shift.

Donations Collection for Cradles To Crayons

As you prepare for another holiday season and end of the year you may have wondered how you can give back this season. Smile Squad members are collecting donations to bring to Cradles To Crayons in Brighton. Members will be volunteering at their local warehouse where all donations are organized and sorted to be distributed to children in need. 

Their mission in the community is to provide children from birth through age 12 with the everyday essentials they need to thrive — at home, at school, and at play.

Cradles to Crayons works directly with social services to obtain a list of the exact items a child needs. Often during the winter, it’s a jacket or simply hygiene supplies. Smile squad will be donating hygiene supplies including toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss but we ask that while you’re home to please try to gather items including used jackets, sweaters, and shoes. Please see the attached list of most needed items. A box has been placed in the 7th floor student lounge. We hope to fill the both boxes up and make these children smile this January.  

If you’re interested in volunteering at the warehouse please contact :

Event date: January 12th
Time: 1:30 pm – 4:30

ADO Volunteers with Jumbo Kitchen!

Five Asian Dental Organization volunteers [Ping Zeng (D20), Monica Cheng (D20), Trish Dang (D20), Irene Lang (D21), Emerly Hsu (D21)] attended Jumbo’s Kitchen on November 30.

Irene Lang (D21) reflects: “Jumbo’s Kitchen is an interprofessional community service organization that welcomes volunteers from all of Tufts University Health Sciences programs. This week’s session focused on dairy, and the kids were able to try several different types of milk and yogurt. Although there were slightly more volunteers than children due to the many volunteers from other health sciences programs, it was enjoyable to casually talk to the kids about eating healthy at the end of their weeks. Next year, we hope to organize a session specifically for dental related nutrition.”

ADO Presents about Dental Insurance at Golden Age Center

From L to R: Alexis Yip (D21), Angie Yau (D19), Emerly Hsu (D21)

From L to R: Alexis Yip (D21), Angie Yau (D19), Irene Lang (D21)

On Friday, November 30, 4 volunteers from Asian Dental Organization [Angie Yau (D19), Irene Lang (D21), Emerly Hsu (D21), and Alexis Yip (D21)] visited the seniors at the Golden Age Center in Chinatown to give a presentation on how to understand and read dental insurance policies in the US.

Irene Lang (D21) reflects: “About 16 Chinatown seniors were present. The presentation featured English vocabulary focused on dental care and health insurance and was followed by an English language practice session on reading an insurance policy. This focus on incorporating English vocabulary followed their requests to learn some English, and was based on the knowledge that teaching some health-related English can help improve health literacy in ESL populations.

Despite the complexity of the material, the seniors were engaged in asking questions, participating enthusiastically with the practice questions, and reading over the vocabulary sheets we created especially for the presentation. They were especially excited to receive some fruit and Asian snacks as prizes for participation. Our volunteers received a round of applause and many “thank-yous” at the end of the presentation. It was especially helpful to have a 4th year fluent Cantonese speaker, Angie Yau, to give the presentation, as she had both the knowledge about dental insurance and the language ability to answer. Next year, I hope to continue being receptive to the requests of the organization and the seniors we are serving, as well as find ways to engage more TUSDM student volunteers in productive and mutually beneficial ways.”

LGBTQA’s Celebration of Life

On November 20th, the LGBTQA organization teamed up with faculty and student volunteers to serve a delicious Thanksgiving meal at the 2018 Celebration of Life event in the Hynes Convention Center: Jonathan Candido (D21), Chardai Lyde (D21), Tarlan Sedaghat (D22), Jeff Murat, Mark Gonthier, Dr. Gerard Kugel, Dr. John Morgan.

The Celebration of Life is an event that provides people living with HIV/AIDS a free Thanksgiving meal and an opportunity to connect and celebrate with other members of the HIV/AIDS community who have been living, thriving, and striving. With over 700 guests, this
event is the largest fundraiser of the Boston Living Center and Victory Programs, which serve individuals in New England living with HIV/AIDS.

Chardai Lyde (D21) reflects: “During the Thanksgiving holiday season, it was very inspiring to connect with a community that has been historically marginalized and ostracized yet have strived in the face of adversity through endless love, hope, strength, and compassion. The joy of another year of life was palpable while leaders of the community shared the triumphs of the year, rewarded members who are making a positive impact, and provided words of
encouragement for the future to come. While serving plates of overflowing turkey, stuffing, macaroni and cheese, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and more, the family atmosphere and welcoming smiles transformed this community service opportunity from solely volunteering to a genuine celebratory experience of life for all. The live band and musicians filled the Hynes Convention Center with cheerful tunes and positive energy. The Celebration of Life was a very memorable event! I look forward to the LGBTQA organization being the future top fundraising team in order to further support this tremendous cause!”

ADO Volunteering Event!

Join ADO for an interprofessional volunteering opportunity with medical and nutrition students! This week, they will be teaching the kids about dairy and making a snack for them to take home. Sign up here!

The event is this Friday, 11/30, 5:30pm at the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center (38 Ash Street), room 501. It is located in the same building as the Metropolitan apartments!

Smile Squad Promotes Oral Health at UIANE Diwali Celebration!

Dr. Neela Gandhi, an MDS member along with Dr. Kadambari Rawal, faculty at Boston University Dental School and Tufts Dental School Smile Squad students Simran Kaur (D20), Thaís Antunes (D20), Suraj Bhopal (D20) participated in promotion of oral health at the United India Association of New England Diwali event on Sunday 11/11/18 at the Brown Middle School in Newton, MA. Diwali is considered the festival of lights and symbolizes victory of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. It’s a celebration of victory and marks the New Years in Hinduism. The students educated both children and adult on better brushing methods and gave out oral health brochures. Each participant left with an oral health kit comprising of toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, toothbrush timers generously donated by the Massachusetts Dental Society.

DAV 5K Participation was a Success!

On November 10th at Castle Island, students and faculty from TUSDM gathered to run the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) 5K!
Brent Mullen (D20) reflects: “The DAV 5K turned out to be a success! We endured some rainy and windy weather but we stuck together as a team and motivated each other to finish with smiles on our faces! And most importantly, our team’s participation benefited the Disabled American Veterans who play an important role in making sure service members are able to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity.”

SNDA Volunteers with YES!

On Tuesday November 6th, SNDA members Tiara Felder, Jonathan Candido, Gabriel Thomas, Marsha Robinson, and Heather Smith did a career workshop for students in middle/high school at Youth Enrichment Services (YES), a nonprofit dedicated to serving low income Boston youth in Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan.

Heather Smith (D20) reflects: “We talked about what a career in dentistry involved, made dental impressions, and played dental jeopardy. It was great to get to know their aspirations and get them excited about dentistry as a career option!”