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NEW Water Bottle Filling Station

Our first water bottle filling station was installed on the 7th floor.
A NEW second water bottle filling station has now been installed in the School, on the 8th floor, thanks to a grant from the University!

Both stations are located at the drinking fountains.
If you are on the 15th floor you may also fill your water bottle at the filtered water unit in the kitchen.


These filling stations count the number of plastic water bottles that are not used every time you refill a water bottle.
Thank you for doing your part to meet the School’s and the University’s sustainability goals!

Digital Dentistry Bootcamp

D19Connor VanMica Baevsky and Dianne Luu, along with Thaisa Barizan Bordin, assistant professor of prosthodontics and Duangkamol Blankenship, assistant professor of prosthodontics, traveled to Irvine, CA on June 22-23 to attend Digital Dentistry Bootcamp, a continuing education event sponsored by Dentsply-Sirona and Pacific Dental Services. Through hands-on lectures, interactive patient simulations, and case presentations, the event provided comprehensive training on the utilization and implementation of CAD/CAM technology. Each student created traditional CAD/CAM porcelain crown preparations, which they were able to digitally scan, design, and mill.

2018-2019 DC Bulletin Board Sign Up!

Attention, student organizations!

As you prepare for the upcoming school year, consider reserving the DC bulletin board for a month to promote your group. Don’t miss your chance to express your creativity and have a little fun getting crafty as you highlight the awesome things your group does for the TUSDM community and beyond.

Sign up HERE to reserve your month!


This July, the Tisch Summer Fellows Program in collaboration with TUSDM will support five Tufts Dental Students on an exciting service learning project to support oral health service delivery and infrastructure in Zambia, Africa. The student team includes D19s: Jessaca York and Syed Hussain; D20s: Amani Sarao, Charles James and Zach Golub.

The program under the direction of Dr. John Morgan, Department of Public Health and Community Service (and with additional support from Nancy Marks, Tisch/TUSDM Community Service Coordinator), will provide students the opportunity to work in conjunction with the Zambian Ministry of Health, The Dental Training School in Lusaka, and the Namwala District Hospital, and local health providers to assist in the provision dental care and explore methods of oral health sustainability for rural and vulnerable populations in selected rural sites. Any donations raised by the Tufts Team will directly benefit the project and will be used towards supporting oral health for people in Zambia that are in desperate need of oral care. For more information on how you can help them reach their crowdfunding goals, please email Amanjot Sarao or Charles James

DC Bulletin Board: Sharewood Project & HDA

Happy May!!

Come by the 7th floor and check out Sharewood Project‘s bulletin board by the student lounge! The board is beautifully decorated with a robin hood theme (the organization’s name derives from Sherwood forest (; ). Swing by for photos and other additional information!

And don’t miss out on Tufts Hispanic Dental Association (HDA)‘s bulletin board by the mailboxes! They’ve got fun images from previous events along with info on who the eboard members are. Be sure to check out their DC group page for more info.

Sign-up for the 2017-2018 school year is open. Please see available dates HERE and sign up to show off your awesome student group to the TUSDM community! There are only a couple spots left!!

DC Bulletin Board: AAPHD & AADMD

Happy April!!

Come by the 7th floor and check out American Association of Public Health Dentistry (AAPHD)‘s beautiful bulletin board by the student lounge. The org aims to promote improved oral health by educating members on important dental topics & supporting programs that may aid in disease prevention & oral health promotion! Click their page for more info!

And don’t miss the American Academy of Developmental Medicine & Dentistry (AADMD)‘s bulletin board by the student mailboxes! They serve to provide opportunities to learn more about disability policy, enhance general knowledge, and improve awareness at TUSDM! Click their page for more info!

Sign-up for the 2017-2018 school year is open. Please see available dates HERE and sign up to show off your awesome student group to the TUSDM community!

AAWD Member Spotlight!

AAWD spotlight (<– CLICK LINK)

In celebration of Women’s History Month, American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD) excitedly shares with you their interview spotlighting their three first year dental representatives! The 3 beautiful, intelligent, and empowering ladies share some of their stories and a bit about who they are!

Spurthi Arashinagundi (D21)
Kaitlyn O’Connell (D21)
Marina Kanakos (D21)

Also check out their DC Bulletin Board by the 7th floor student lounge!

DC Bulletin Board: AAWD & ASDA

Happy March!!
Come by the 7th floor and check out American Association of Women Dentist (AAWD)‘s bulletin board by the student lounge in celebration of Women’s History Month! Check out fun photos and their upcoming events!

And don’t miss out on American Student Dental Association (ASDA)‘s bulletin board by the mailboxes!! They’ve posted fun photos from their previous events! Click their DC student page to find out about their goals, what they do, and your Tufts Representatives.

Sign-up for the 2017-2018 school year is open. Please see available dates HERE and sign up to show off your awesome student group to the TUSDM community! There are only a couple spots left!!