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Tufts Implant Club: Straumann Implant Workshop

tufts-implant-clubTufts Implant Cub invites you to their implant workshop with the Straumann dental implant company!!

Sign-up is now open for our first hands-on implant placement workshop. If you are interested, please head over to our Facebook page for more details on the workshop as well as instructions for signing-up.

There is limited space and the sign-up will close on December 15th!!



Carly Martin (D18): Oral Screening at Cathedral of the Holy Cross Health Fair

Carly Martin (D18) participated in the Oral Screening at Cathedral of the Holy Cross Health Fair on November 29th, 2016, along with Alec Eidelman (D18), Lauren Trager (D18), Nick Vaillancourt (D18), Dr. Mark Nehring, and Dr. Noshir Mehta. Located in South End, the Cathedral occasionally offers free health clinic to the local community. Carly reflects,

“It was great to be a part of an inter-professional health fair where we got to work with patients together and interact with health care professionals from different fields.”

Good oral health is an important part of good overall health. Proud to have had our TUSDM members to represent the dental community at the fair. Carly shares that she would do this event again (:

Maureen Favorito, RDH at Mildred Ave Elementary School Health Fair

On November 16th Maureen Favorito, RDH, who is a member of the TUSDM’s community Dental Hygiene team, had participated at the Mildred Ave Elementary School Health Fair. She is also a member of Smart Smiles, a school-based oral health program that seeks to help prevent dental problems among Boston’s children and to identify, treat, or refer for treatment any student who has existing oral health problems. She and her assistant had Jeopardy games and tooth brushes! Maureen shares more about her experience:

“My assistant and I helped out at the Mildred Ave Elementary School Health Fair. We had a Dental Table and played a Dental Jeopardy game with students in grades K-5. The game was a little advanced for the age group, so we asked our own age appropriate questions regarding Dental Health and nutrition. The teachers gave the students the toothbrushes at the end of the day. I think the children all learned some new dental and nutrition tips.”

Yusuf Sheikh (D18) at the Early Childhood Literacy Fair

TUSDM American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry participated in the Early Childhood Literacy Fair on November 5th. Such events not only provide parents with valuable information, but also provide fun and exciting ways for kids to engage in learning. The AAPD taught children more about oral health and maintenance, and gave out toothbrushes, toothpaste, and stickers!

Yusuf Sheikh (D18) reflects….

“I had a great time promoting oral health to families living in Somerville. I learned that there are a lot of parents who are interested in promoting oral health to their children, but don’t quite know how to get started”.


SNDA Impressions Day 2016

Student National Dental Association (SNDA) held their annual Impressions Day Program on November 20th! It was a full day of exposure to the field of dentistry from 9AM-4PM at TUSDM. The program invited high school and college students who were considering a career in dentistry or were simply interested in learning more about it.

Gary Kersey (D20) reflects…..

Tufts SNDA was able to host 140 pre-dental students and give them an opportunity to explore a career in dentistry here on campus. Mock interviews, resume help, Kaplan DAT prep, and impressions in Pre-Clin were a few of the activities conducted. Overall, it was a great event — it is an amazing feeling to climb AND reach back!

Looking forward to many more Impressions Day to come, in high hopes of continuing to inspire and mentor students who will shape the future of dentistry.

Hispanic Dental Association visits Hennigan E.S.

On Thursday November 17th, members of the Hispanic Dental Association visited Hennigan Elementary School in Jamimg_0147aica Plain to teach kindergarten classes on Oral Health and nutrition. Volunteers read children books about visits to the dentist, and played games to promote healthy foods and practices. Teaching proper dental care habits is critical to creating a routine of healthy behavior that kids can continue into adulthood. They had enough toothbrushes to give out to each child (:

“Healthy habits for a healthy smile”

Tufts Dental LGBTQA: free oral cancer screenings @ Club Café

Tufts Dental LGBTQA held free oral cancer screenings at Club Café on November 12th. The organization educated and promoted the importance of maintaining good oral health by emphasizing the significance of good oral hygiene and finding the appropriate resources when needed. They also handed out toothbrushes, toothpastes, and floss. There were 4 faculty members and approximately 10 TUSDM student volunteers who worked as a team to put together this extraordinary event to increase awareness! Both Carly Martin (D18) and Leigh Ortiz (D18) shared several pictures from the event, and they also noted their enthusiasm and desire to do this event again!

Leigh Ortiz (D18) reflects:

“This was an event that was first of its kinds for the current students in this group. It felt good to get out into the community and reach out to people. There were many people who go to the dentist who didn’t know their provider even gave them an oral cancer screening. As well, there were many people who knew they needed work done, and yet reported that it had been several years since they have been to the dentist. I think it was eye-opening for us as students, as well as for the people who stopped by to get a screening, and I hope it leads these people to reach out to their dental care provider.”

-Sangita Murali (D18)- Tufts President’s Council Meeting: Student Research Spotlight


On Saturday, November 12th, faculty, alumni, parents and friends gathered on a quintessential, crisp Fall in New England morning from all over the country to meet for an inaugural gathering of the Tufts President’s Council which took place on Tufts’ Medford/Somerville Campus.

The President’s Council is a newly formed volunteer leadership board, which provides insights and advice to President Monaco on issues of importance to Tufts and the higher education community in general. The Council is a university-wide body with members representing 4 Tufts schools (A&S, Engineering, Medical, and Dental).

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SNDA Impressions Day 2016

MG_7207The Student National Dental Association (SNDA) will be holding our annual Impressions Day Program 2016 next weekend on

Saturday, November 19th at TUSDM from 9am-4pm.

The Impressions Day Program invites high school and college students from diverse backgrounds to TUSDM to expose them to the field of dentistry. If you know any high school or college students who are considering a career in dentistry or simply want to learn more about the field, feel free to invite them to Impressions Day! Event registration information can be found HERE.


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Raising Awareness for Children’s Miracle Network Hospital

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is an organization that seeks to improve the lives of sick or injured children. They raise funds and awareness for 170 member hospitals (includes Boston’s Children Hospital) and provide 32 million treatments each year to kids across the U.S. and Canada. All donations support areas of care, research, and health programs. Gabrielle Lieberman (D19) made the effort to raise awareness and money in an event held at the Kensington Apartments. It also included a very special donation from the Boston Red Sox!!

Here’s her reflection:

img_9210“The Kensington Apartments celebrated their Halloween Costume Party on Wednesday, October 26, 2016. The night was packed with amazing costumes and a ton of laughs from all the residents. With the generous support from the Kensington Management Team, they allowed me to table at this event in efforts to raise awareness and money for Children Miracle Network Hospital, Boston’s Children Hospital. In-kind donation from the Boston Red Sox, I received an autographed baseball signed by Brock Holt for my silent auction. I also had a few raffles that the attendees could participate in. I’m so excited and completely humbled with how much money I was able to raise. The magic number that was raised was a total of $646.00. I’m so thankful that I had this opportunity and I look forward to tabling again at the Kensington’s Holiday Party in December. “