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NEW Dental Central TV screen on 7th floor lounge!

We have some exciting news so brace yourselves!

Remember that TV in the 7th floor student lounge that never seemed to be used? Dental Central has taken over! Now you can enjoy a rotating stream of photos, announcements, recaps, research, news, sports, weather, T updates, etc… Even fun YouTube videos so you don’t miss the latest viral cat clip! Just about anything you desire to fill in your fellow classmates with the latest updates. Dental Central has created a fun, tech-savvy way to engage everyone and unite the TUSDM community!

A HUGE shout out to Pouya Namiranian (D19) for his brilliant idea and for setting up the unit!!

To share what you want to see on the big screen, please email details to

Check out what our dental students think about the addition BELOW (:

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Yankee Dental Congress volunteer opportunity!

Interested in getting involved at Yankee Dental this year?

Tufts Dental LGBTQA is looking for volunteers to help staff the HIV Dental Work Group Booth at the upcoming 2017 Yankee Dental Congress! Each 2-3 hour shift (they qualify as OHP hours!) will have 2 Tufts dental students working alongside staff from the Boston Public Health Commission as well as fellow dental students from Harvard and BU.


Please be sure to include your full name, class, email and cell phone!

Spots filled up quick last year so sign up
soon! Read below for more information:

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Health & Wellness gathering highlights! Evanthia Vranas (D20)

Exams after exams there were many times where students felt overwhelmed and stressed, but a quick break with healthy snacks and some fluffy, adorable therapy dogs provided a time to unwind and hangout with fellow classmates. With help from Dr. Pastan, Sharon Snaggs, Health and Wellness class representatives, and the Health and Wellness Club, we were privileged with two of these therapeutic gatherings this past semester. Everyone who attended had a great time, and definitely be on the lookout for more of these events to come!

-Evanthia Vranas (D20)-

Tufts Implant Club: Straumann Implant Workshop

tufts-implant-clubTufts Implant Cub invites you to their implant workshop with the Straumann dental implant company!!

Sign-up is now open for our first hands-on implant placement workshop. If you are interested, please head over to our Facebook page for more details on the workshop as well as instructions for signing-up.

There is limited space and the sign-up will close on December 15th!!



Carly Martin (D18): Oral Screening at Cathedral of the Holy Cross Health Fair

Carly Martin (D18) participated in the Oral Screening at Cathedral of the Holy Cross Health Fair on November 29th, 2016, along with Alec Eidelman (D18), Lauren Trager (D18), Nick Vaillancourt (D18), Dr. Mark Nehring, and Dr. Noshir Mehta. Located in South End, the Cathedral occasionally offers free health clinic to the local community. Carly reflects,

“It was great to be a part of an inter-professional health fair where we got to work with patients together and interact with health care professionals from different fields.”

Good oral health is an important part of good overall health. Proud to have had our TUSDM members to represent the dental community at the fair. Carly shares that she would do this event again (:

Maureen Favorito, RDH at Mildred Ave Elementary School Health Fair

On November 16th Maureen Favorito, RDH, who is a member of the TUSDM’s community Dental Hygiene team, had participated at the Mildred Ave Elementary School Health Fair. She is also a member of Smart Smiles, a school-based oral health program that seeks to help prevent dental problems among Boston’s children and to identify, treat, or refer for treatment any student who has existing oral health problems. She and her assistant had Jeopardy games and tooth brushes! Maureen shares more about her experience:

“My assistant and I helped out at the Mildred Ave Elementary School Health Fair. We had a Dental Table and played a Dental Jeopardy game with students in grades K-5. The game was a little advanced for the age group, so we asked our own age appropriate questions regarding Dental Health and nutrition. The teachers gave the students the toothbrushes at the end of the day. I think the children all learned some new dental and nutrition tips.”

Yusuf Sheikh (D18) at the Early Childhood Literacy Fair

TUSDM American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry participated in the Early Childhood Literacy Fair on November 5th. Such events not only provide parents with valuable information, but also provide fun and exciting ways for kids to engage in learning. The AAPD taught children more about oral health and maintenance, and gave out toothbrushes, toothpaste, and stickers!

Yusuf Sheikh (D18) reflects….

“I had a great time promoting oral health to families living in Somerville. I learned that there are a lot of parents who are interested in promoting oral health to their children, but don’t quite know how to get started”.